Hello Fresh Unboxing

I tried something a little different the other day since I have a gorgeous new kitchen in which to shoot.  I don’t know if it’s going to be something that happens a lot, but I thought I’d give it a try.  Be warned…it’s my first video and very amateur!  Go easy on me!  😛


Top Ten Drugstore Beauty Items

You may or may not know I manage a drug store.

You also may or may not know I have a slight makeup addiction.
screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-9-04-56-pmFinally you may or may not know that January at the drug store means one thing:  NEW MAKEUP!!!!  We just got our planograms last week for the resets…my favorite time of the year!

In the spirit of getting new items in for our cosmetic wall, I thought I’d review my top 10 must haves from the beauty department at Walgreens.

21559671.  CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara  This is my go to mascara!  I have tried so many mascaras in the past and this is hands down my favorite.  I just can’t make myself spend the money on high end mascaras when there are so many great ones at the drug store.  This mascara volumizes and lengthens at the same time.  It’s really quite awesome.

d15d2f-760901570_1_6402.  Coty Airspun Powder Yes, I know my mom and my grandma and maybe even my great grandma used this powder, but you know what?  It WORKS!  It’s got a very distinctive smell to it and it reminds me a little of old lady, but it’s finely milled and doesn’t sink into cracks and crevices like some of the other powders I’ve tried do.

3.  CoverGirl Brow & Eye Makers Pencil
 Most people will tell you to avoid using brow pencils on your brows, but I’ve been using them for at least a decade and I think my brows look pretty good if I do say so myself.  I’ve tried to use the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but honestly I feel like I can do just as good a job with my pencil as I can with theirs.  And it’s about a tenth the price!  Sold.

1834310-bmp4.  Maybelline Fit Me Concealer  I love watching YouTube videos, especially when it comes to makeup tutorials.  I have several subscriptions to makeup gurus who review products and let me know what’s amazing and what’s a dud.  Nearly everyone I’ve watched has RAVED about this concealer.  Naturally I had to try some.  I believe I’m on my second or third tube of the stuff now.  It’s awesome!  It’s got amazing coverage and blends beautifully.

22656075.  Real Techniques Makeup Sponge  Speaking of blending, these makeup sponges are seriously magically.  In my opinion they are just as good if not better than the beauty blender and…here’s the best part.  A beauty blender costs you $20.  These sponges?  Five bucks.  5!  Yeah…sorry beauty blender.  You are the weakest link.

img_47856.  Loreal La Palette Nude 1 & 2  When the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay came out, of course I had to get them.  I wear browns on my eyes about 98.5% of the time.  I LOVED the naked palettes.  Then Loreal decided to up the stakes.  They came out with dupes (duplicates for those of you who aren’t on the up and up) for the Naked Palettes at ⅓ the price!  I picked a couple up one day and started playing.  I never looked back.  That’s one thing I love about drugstore brands.  Sometimes it takes them a year or so, but they almost always come out with a dupe for the fan favorites.

shc1683_ct_410indiglow_btl-wcaplogo7.  Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish  New this year, but very similar to the Complete Salon Manicure, which I love as well.  This polish is infused with Argan Oil (the buzz word of the 21st century), but it keeps the polish on at least twice as long as other polishes.  I still haven’t ventured into the gel nail world (mostly because I’m lazy), but this is a cheap alternative to it in my opinion.  This color, Indiglow, has been my winter go to color since early January.

dp1023201417014837m-tifWant to know my non-drug store go to summer color?  It’s Oh Cabana Boy by Orly.  I’m a sucker for hot pink!

22063428.  Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner  When I first started putting on liquid liner, I picked this one up.  I’ve tried several, but I find the felt tip applicator very easy to control and the color pay off is tremendous.  I have since found a high end liner I prefer more, but for years and years this was the only liner I would use.  If you’re just starting out with liner or have a hard time controlling those liners where the brush goes all over the place, I recommend trying this one.

22033029.  Neutrogena Night Calming Cleansing Towlettes  So this isn’t really “makeup” per se, but it’s definitely a necessity when you need to take off your makeup.  I keep a pack in my nightstand and on the nights when I’m just too tired to go wash my face, I at least take off what I can with these wipes.  They’re quick, easy and convenient!

227562910.  CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara in Clear…but not for your eyes!  One of the things they don’t tell you when you become pregnant is that you’re going to lose your hair after you give birth.  OK, they might tell you that part, but they don’t tell you that growing that hair back is a pain.  And it leaves you with a lot of flyaways!  Sometimes, hairspray just doesn’t cut it.  On those days, I break out the clear mascara and paint my flyaways down!  Just a quick coat on the hairs will help keep those pesky things in place.  A word of caution though…don’t use too much or it will make your hair look greasy!

You may have noticed that I don’t have any lip items on this list.  Well…I’m really not a lip girl!  I would rather go without lip products than with them most days.  Sometimes I get a wild hair and decide to try something.  Remember that note about hot pink?  I do, in fact, have hot pink lipstick!  My husband tells me I look ridiculous though…

What are your go to drugstore products?  Would you guys like to hear about my go to high end products?



It’s About Thyme

entrance2Fresh Thyme is a combined spirit of a weekend farmer’s market and the convenience of a neighborhood store to create a new and health shopping experience.”

I’ve always been a grocery store junkie.  In college, my best friend and I would actually take “field trips” to the grocery store just to see what was new.  A little pathetic, maybe, but I don’t care.  #sorrynotsorry

After we moved away from each other, we would still take our little field trips.  One time when I was in Louisville visiting her, we went to Fresh Market.  I liked it so much I wrote a blog post about it!  Other times, before we had Trader Joe’s close to us, we met in Cincinnati to see what all the fuss was about.

When I was contacted to provide an honest review of a new grocery store in the Dayton area, I immediately signed up for it.  How exciting!  What’s funny is when I was contacted, the girl didn’t tell me what grocery store it was.  Just that it was a “new store in the Dayton area”.  I’d made plans to visit the store with a girlfriend even before the name was revealed.

My friend, Kristy, and I planned to go to Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market last Sunday afternoon.  Looking back, it was probably the single most awful time to go to the grocery store we could have picked.  The fact that I (the person who would rather chew her own arm off than be in a big crowd of people) still enjoyed myself speaks volumes. First and foremost, it was a gorgeous day.  Chilly, but bright blue skies.

Outside I’m always in such a great mood when the sky is filled with light, wispy clouds, aren’t you? In we went, with no intention of buying anything.  Kristy suggested we get a cart, which we did.  She wanted to get a big cart but I assured her we wouldn’t even need the little mini cart.  Haha.  Yeah, I was wrong.

EntranceThe first area we came to was produce.  It was a farmer’s market, after all.  Now I know every store has their own lost leaders (products with super low prices that drive customers in the store), but $.89 for a pint of strawberries is crazy!  And what’s more?  They were delicious.  Seriously.

I kept looking for prices to be unreasonable as they are in most “trendy” grocery stores, but in all honesty Fresh Thyme had very comparable (if not cheaper) prices to big box retailers like Kroger.  In addition to their great prices, they have this cool thing where you can “double dip” on Wednesdays.  They call it Double Ad Wednesdays. See, every Wednesday their new ad breaks BUT their old ad still rings at the sale prices.  What does this mean?  On Wednesdays you get both the past week’s and the current week’s sale prices at the same time! Kristy and I meandered around, trying to take in everything the store had to offer.

BreadOne of my favorite little corners was the artisan bread display.  I was tempted to pick up a loaf of the sourdough, but I am trying to be good and avoid loaves of bread.  They can be a trouble food for me.

BakeryI was happy to learn that these artisan breads are made locally, be it in the store or utilizing local area bakeries.

SandwichesMoving right along, they have an assortment of sandwiches and other goodies you can purchase for lunch or a light dinner.  I used to work right down the road and it would have been awesome to be able to run in for a quick bite knowing I was getting quality, local ingredients in a delicious meal.

SushiTheir sushi selections were amazing too.  Wanna know something cool?  They fly in their seafood fresh daily.  Wanna know something else cool?  They do their research and make sure their fish is sustainable, proving they are not only looking for the best quality product but are also considerate of the environment.  I like that.

You know how that “other” grocery store has their infamous salad and prepared foods bar?


Meat1Next up was the meat counter.  Some of you know how much I love the meat counter at Dorothy Lane Market.  Fresh Thyme gave DLM a run for their money.  Such succulent cuts of beef!

Meat2Check out their carne asada.  Doesn’t that look yum?  I thought so.  A pound of it made it into my cart. Another thing I liked about Fresh Thyme was just how many things they made fresh in house.  One thing in particular was their sausages.  They have over a dozen different varieties of sausage they make daily.  I’m definitely picking up a couple of those next time!  I smell sizzling sausage with peppers and onions in my future…

OnionsTheir produce section seemed to be never ending.  I loved the gorgeous displays all over the place.  As opposed to the picked over selections at Kroger, this produce was piled in luscious, bountiful mounds. I found out they source their produce locally and buy direct from vendors in order to keep costs down.  I’ll bring up those strawberries again.  We were able to sample them in the store and they were so yummy I bought two pints.  I’m very seriously considering stopping by again to pick up more even though it’s out of my way.

OK, wait.  Let’s talk bulk bins for a minute.

CoffeeBulkJust look at these beauties!  Coffee, grains, flours, seeds, nuts, fruit.  You name it.  They had it.  It’s the perfect way to try something you’re curious about (read: coconut flour) without having to invest in a $10 bag of the stuff you may never use again.

That’s all.  Carry on.

To be perfectly honest, Kristy and I didn’t spend a whole ton of time in the dry grocery section of the store.  We were too fascinated with the fresh areas.  We were able to find several varieties of Vita Tops (one of Kristy’s favorites) and a great deal on Alexia frozen potatoes though.

Finally we wandered around the “fun” aisles.  That’s beer and wine to you.  They have a huge selection of both!

BeerThey had at least 8 cooler doors full of craft beer as well as domestic favorites.

Wine2Wine1In addition, they had an enormous amount of wine, especially for a relatively small grocery store.  Love it!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Did I like this store?  No. I loved it.  I was so impressed by the quality of ingredients, the layout and merchandising of the store (which is a lot coming from a retail manager), and most of all the affordable pricing.  I talked to several of the employees while I was there and you can really tell they love what they do.  They want to bring happiness and quality to their customers, a trait I find extremely rare in the retail environment. At Walgreens, we hold the customer experience in the highest regard, so when I find other retailers who do the same thing (read: Chick Fil A), I make it my mission to point it out.

Basically, everything you need to know is in their mission statement:  to improve the way our communities eat by offering fresh and healthy food at amazing values, in a fun and vibrant store with friendly faces. I felt every bit of their mission statement in the too-crowded-for-my-comfort-level visit on Sunday afternoon.   (Disclaimer: it was only too crowded for me.  Normal people would be perfectly fine in there.)

If you’re looking for a new grocery store to try where the quality is king and the prices are reasonable, check out Fresh Thyme.  I promise it’s worth a trip.

In all honesty, I was compensated by Fresh Thyme to review their grocery story, but all views and opinions of the store are 100% my own.

Same City, New Tastes

I can be a creature of habit.  At certain restaurants, I find something I like and have a hard time branching out.  At Smashburger, it’s the BBQ Bacon Burger and Smash fries.  At Sammy’s El Pueblo, it’s the Bourbon Burger.  (Sensing a burger theme here aren’t you?)  At Piada, it’s the Balsamic Chicken Salad.

You see, if I find something I love, and especially if I don’t get to that restaurant very often, I want those meals over and over again.  I’ve been to Sammy’s about 20 times and I think I’ve only ordered something aside from the Bourbon burger maybe three times.

CIty BBQ 3

The same goes for City BBQ.  Every time I go, I get the beef brisket with mac and cheese and fries.  Every. Single. Time.  Though one time I did order hush puppies instead of the fries.  Wasn’t the same.

But when Samantha (a marketing manager for City BBQ) contacted me about meeting up and trying a few new items to their menu, I was all over it.  A free lunch to expose me to items I’ve never tried at one of my favorite restaurants in Dayton?  Uh, yeah.  That was a no brainer.

City BBQ 4

First, she brought out some sides and set them on the table while she gathered the rest of the meal.  It was all I could do to not shove the entire bowl of mac and cheese in my mouth while I waited for her to return.

I snapped a few pictures instead.

In addition to the mac and cheese, she ordered up some corn casserole.  I had had this before (Jeff ordered it) and it’s pretty tasty!

City BBQ 5

Also on the menu was their green beans.  I’m not a huge fan of green beans that aren’t oven roasted and slightly crispy, but these veggies were delicious.

City BBQ 6Finally, she pointed out one dish I’d never tried before.  The gumbo.  I confessed to her I didn’t even know it was on the menu.  She said she hears that a lot, but sure enough when I looked up at the sides board, it was listed plain as day.  I loved it!  Spicy with a little creole flair.

City BBQ 1

Next, she offered up their award winning roast turkey.  I was very familiar with this turkey breast.  I picked one up for my store’s Thanksgiving Day dinner last year AND convinced my friends and family to have one at each of our Thanksgiving Dinners as well!  They are so quick and easy, it really is a great solution if you’re looking for a time saver on Thanksgiving.

Finally, she brought out the big guns.City BBQ 2This, my friends, is the More Cowbell.  Oh. My. God.  I need to take a minute and remember this glorious, delectable morsel of food.  My entire mouth just filled with saliva.

This sandwich quickly replaced the brisket sandwich as my favorite item at City BBQ.  It’s like the beef brisket’s hot, sexy, leather wearing, motorcycle riding older brother.  It’s a brisket sandwich topped with sauteed peppers and onions, provolone cheese, crispy onion straws and horseradish sauce on Texas toast.  It is perfection.  Definitely check this sandwich out the next time you’re near a City BBQ.  You won’t be disappointed.

To entice you even further, Samantha generously donated some gift cards to me to giveaway to a few lucky readers!  To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post and let me know what your favorite thing is to eat at City BBQ.  Only one entry per person please.  Visit my Facebook page for an additional chance to win a gift card!

Entry to this drawing will close at midnight on Wednesday, February 4th.  Winners will be announced in my blog post on Friday, February 6th.  Good luck!

Restaurant Review: Cobblestone Cafe

Remember when I wrote this blog post asking for your vote on which topic to talk about next?  You all voted on Jake’s new jammies.  I still have so many topics to discuss from that blog post!  I picked my venture to Cobblestone Cafe to gab about today:

When my mom was visiting in September, she asked if we could visit a friend of hers who had moved to Ohio from Texas.  We decided to take Diane out to lunch and just have a girl’s day of eating and shopping.  I Facebook’ed one of my friends for advice on a fun, but different place at which to eat.  She suggested Cobblestone Cafe in Waynesville.

I checked out their menu and it seemed like a place perfect for a girlfriend day.  The fare is light and healthy, with many of their items including produce straight from their garden.  It’s definitely not a restaurant Jeff would pick to dine in.

When you pull up to the restaurant, you’re greeted by a welcoming hallway.  I love the older feel of the entrance.  They boasted an herbal patio in which to dine, but it was slightly chilly so we opted to eat indoors.

We were seated under the watchful eye of “The Chef” (he’s their mascot I’ve decided) and left to peruse the menu.

Everything looked delicious!  We all had a hard time deciding.  While we were choosing, they brought around iced tea and mini cranberry muffins.  Oh my…these muffins were so tasty!  They were light and airy with just a hint of sweetness.

We were all pretty hungry, so we decided to split the Goat Cheese and Tomato Spread as an appetizer.  It was pretty good.  I have decided I like goat cheese, but only in small amounts.  As this appetizer was pretty heavy handed with the goat cheese, I wasn’t bowled over by it, but it was still good.  My mom and Diane loved it!

Mom and I decided to split the Mushroom Ragu Crepes.  These were very good albeit a little small for splitting.  I think if I had ordered them just for myself or if I had gotten a salad or soup on the side, it would have been the perfect amount, but as it was I was still a bit hungry after I was done eating.  I also wanted just a hint more spice.  I added a touch of salt and it livened up the flavors quite nicely.

Diane opted for the lunch your way, getting a half That’s a Wrap and a side Cobblestone Salad.  She raved about both!  They looked really good and I was a bit green with envy I didn’t order it for myself.

After the main course, they brought around the dessert tray.  I have decided if I ever have a restaurant, bringing around the dessert tray is a must.  It’s a lot easier to say no to a menu that just lists the desserts versus a tray that boasts all the wonderful, shiny, sugary treats they have to offer.  Mom and I both ended up ordering something!  Baklavah for me,

and lemon meringue cake for her!

We also both got cappuccinos.  It was a coolish day outside, like I mentioned before, so this warm, toasty treat was just the ticket!

After dining, we wandered through the gift shop on the opposite side of the store.  So many unique gifts to choose from!

My mom lives in the hill country of Texas and every time I visit, we end up going to antique-y type stores.  I’m not a huge antiques lover, but I like to meander through the stores looking at the items.  I think most of these things would look out of place in my bare, undecorated home.  I’m extremely challenged in the decorating department so if anyone ever feels like helping out, I’m up for it!

Finally, we stopped by the Cobblestone Cafe sign for an impromptu photo shoot.  She had been asking me to take pictures of her for her blog while she was here, so I took a couple in front of the sign for practice.  We actually never got around to taking the real pictures!  Whoops.  I guess there’s always next time.

She snapped a couple of me too!  Don’t you just LOVE that scarf?  I’m not typically a scarf person…but I can change!

I shot a quick one of her and Diane as well and then it was off to the Hidden Valley Fruit Farm to pick up some apple cider.  Yum!

On the way back to the car, my photographic eye spotted a couple gorgeous subjects I just had to capture.  I’m getting better and better at “seeing” pictures (if I do say so myself) and try to snap as many of them as I can.

It was a great day and a great local restaurant find!  If you’re in the area and want to check out a deliciously hidden gem, try Cobblestone Cafe.  It’s worth the trip!

Cobblestone Cafe
10 N Main St
Waynesville, OH  45068

*Cobblestone Cafe did not sponsor this post in any way.  All opinions, thoughts, and photos are my own.  I purchased all the food and drink myself.*

Glazed Over

I don’t shop at Walmart.  Like…ever.  I grew up in the boonies where we only had a handful of entertainment options:  the movies, football games, driving up and down “the strip”, and  going to Walmart.

“On any given Friday night,
We’d drive a hundred miles,
Between the Sonic and the Grocery Store,
Laughing all the while,”
-Carrie Underwood, I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore

Yep.  It was that kind of town. Because of this fact, I think I have a mental aversion to the store.  I won’t say what kind of people I think shop at Walmart.  (Sorry, Martin folk…)

Well, the other day I found myself at Walmart.  I don’t remember what I was looking for, but I know I needed some stuff for dinner.  Since my Walmart is part grocery store, I wandered over to that side.  I think I was looking for some meat marinade, which is how I ended up in the marinade section.  While browsing for Lawry’s Caribbean Jerk marinade, I spotted one of my favorite southern ladies, Mrs. Paula Deen herself.

Now, I don’t try not to get swayed by the pretty packaging and big Food Network chef names, but this Sweet Bourbon Glaze looked delicious.  I bought it, brought it home, and promptly forgot about it for a few weeks.

The other night, I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner without having to go to the grocery store when I spotted this bottle in my pantry.  I thought back to the various cuts of meat in my freezer and remembered I had some thick cut, bone in pork chops.  Perfect!

I thawed them out and heated up my grill.  After rubbing the grill with a paper towel coated with a little vegetable oil (my new secret for getting the meat not to stick to the grates), I sprinkled the meat with my trusty DLM steak seasoning and plopped it down.  I brushed the meat with the glaze every time I flipped it, cooked it to 155º, and let it sit to redistribute the juices.

I also prepared some asparagus by drizzling it with olive oil and, again, my DLM steak seasoning.  Then I threw the whole pan on the grill to cook.

While cooking, I did something I hardly every do anymore…I had a glass of wine!  I almost never drink wine these days partly because I don’t think of it and partly because I’m looking after a little baby.  I don’t buy whole bottles because I’m afraid they’ll get yucky before I can drink the whole thing.  You don’t often find Riesling in to go bottles (maybe that’s just me), so when I saw these at Kroger the other day, I grabbed a pack!  They’ve been in my fridge for just the right occasion and a perfect 72º night by the grill was the ticket!

The pork was wonderful with just the right balance of heat and sweet.  Jeff said it tasted a lot like he was eating ribs!  I can’t wait to try this glaze on chicken and fish.  The fish might have to wait until Carolyn comes to visit in a few weeks though!

As for the asparagus…I think I’ll stick to the oven for that.  Thank goodness for frozen corn!

Restaurant Review: ‘Boro Bistro

I know what you’re thinking…two restaurant reviews in a week?  What are you smoking, Bethany?  What can I say?  The public has spoken.  You guys like restaurant reviews!

Today, I met Jeff again for lunch.  I love that he works so close now.  His work is a short five minute drive from the house, so when I have days off we often meet up for his lunch hour.

This time, I thought we’d try ‘Boro Bistro.  I had been there before, but Jeff hadn’t.  After Terri mentioned they also use natural ingredients, I was excited to try them out!  She also suggested I try the pesto pizza so, naturally, that’s what I ordered.

After perusing the relatively extensive menu, Jeff decided to try the Thai Chicken burrito.  We placed our order then sat down to wait for our food.

While we waited, I snapped some quick pictures of the place.  I love all the interesting artwork on the walls and the cozy seats.

We also took a few candids of ourselves.  You guys never get to see my cute husband!

After a couple minutes, our food arrived.  The Thai Chicken burrito was interesting but pretty tasty.  There was a smidge too much peanut sauce in it, but I thought it was yummy in spite of that.

The Pesto Pizza, however, was delicious!  Not to mention the fabulous white sauce on those tortilla chips.  I have no idea what it is, but I LOVE it!

It’s so great when you have a husband that’s willing to split his lunch with you!  That way you can try two dishes at the same time!

Now, a little about the restaurant.  As I mentioned above, the produce is local when possible and, according to the website, the entrees are baked, not fried.  The portions are also very proportional, unlike most restaurants out there who give you WAY too much food.  This provided a slight problem for Jeff (since he’s a growing boy, you know), but I gave him a little bit extra from my plate and he was OK.

The restaurant is located at 722 N. Main Street in Springboro.  In layman’s terms, it’s in the same shopping plaza as the Springboro Dorothy Lane Market (which you can read about here).  It’s a great place to go for a quick lunch with a girlfriend!  They are open Monday through Saturday from 11a – 8p.  One other little tidbit…they serve alcohol!  A glass of wine or a beer on their patio (coming April 25th) would be a great way to unwind after work!

Do you have a blog and live in Dayton?  I wanna hear about it!  Just based on my last post I have two new blogger friends (hi, Terri and Karlee!) I’m excited to read about!  I’d also love to hear where my Daytonian readers like to eat.  Comment below!

Finally, here’s a little treat from today’s luncheon:

Boro Bistro on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Review: Boosalis Baking and Cafe

I am always on the lookout for new, local restaurants I can haunt.  The other day, my husband and I decided to meet for lunch so I immediately began looking for a new place to try.  He, like myself, is always up for some place new.

Being as he works right on 741 in Miamisburg, I wanted to pick a place that was very accessible.  After doing a bit of research and looking at several menus, I decided on Boosalis Baking and Cafe.  Incidentally, this place was right across the street from his work!  Score!

Upon entering, we immediately felt like we had stepped into someone’s home.  The cafe had charm, with wooden shelves on the wall, racks of bread behind the counter, and rows of delicious treats showcased below.  They have a small but diverse lunch menu with things like Cranberry Turkey, Tuna Salad, and Mom’s Beef sandwiches.  They also offer different soups each day.

The Beef and Bleu sandwich looked scrumptious to me.  Roast beef, bleu cheese, horseradish mayo, and veggies all piled on a crusty baguette.  Yes, please!

The lady taking my order asked if I’d like the lunch special.  What’s included in that? Turns out, for only a few bucks more, you get a side dish (chips or fruit), a drink, and a cookie.  Sweet!

Jeff opted for the Ham and Havarti which was served with veggies and sweet mustard all on a croissant.  I should mention they bake everything fresh and in house.  My wonderful husband ate his entire sandwich before I could ask for a bite!  Next time, I guess…

OK, can I just say my sandwich was so yummy?  Apparently Jeff’s was too!  The only thing I had a slight hard time with was just how crusty the bread was.  I love crusty bread, but when it’s on a sandwich it’s a bit harder to eat.  I managed though.  Don’t you fret about that!

After downing our sandwiches and fruit, we split the cookies we got:  oatmeal raisin for me and peanut butter for Jeff.

Oh. My. Goodness.  The cookies were slightly underdone, making them almost melt in my mouth.  They were thick, rich, and just right.  I loved every second of my cookies!  I could have most definitely eaten another dozen of them without batting an eyelash.  But I didn’t.

As an afterthought, Jeff bought a carrot cake muffin to take back to work with him as a mid-afternoon snack.  Of course, not ten minutes went by before I got this text:  “I was bad.  I ate my muffin.”  I’m sure it was just calling out to him…  He did say it was one of the best muffins he’s ever had.  I should have gotten one!

So, basically, if you live in the South Dayton area and are looking for a nice little bakery to go to, stop by Boosalis.  They are some of the friendliest restaurant owners I have ever encountered and they really go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is great.

They are open for breakfast, but I have yet to try that meal.  When I do I’ll let you know!

Be aware, however, they are closed on Sunday and Monday.  You can find their hours of operation as well as their menu here.

Wanna know one of the other great things about this place?  They use 100% natural ingredients!  I love that!  My friend, Carolyn, and I have this philosophy that if you use natural ingredients (think butter and cream) instead of artificial, manufactured substitutes, it’s not only better for your body, but you need less of it to feel satisfied.

Some of you may be wondering where this wonderful little slice of heaven is…it’s on the corner of 741 and Spring Valley, across from Starbucks and facing Lexis Nexis.  For you GPSers, the address is 9486 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH 45342.

So, pop in, say hello, and tell ’em Bethany sent you!

Boosalis Baking & Cafe on Urbanspoon