Restaurant Review: Cobblestone Cafe

Remember when I wrote this blog post asking for your vote on which topic to talk about next?  You all voted on Jake’s new jammies.  I still have so many topics to discuss from that blog post!  I picked my venture to Cobblestone Cafe to gab about today:

When my mom was visiting in September, she asked if we could visit a friend of hers who had moved to Ohio from Texas.  We decided to take Diane out to lunch and just have a girl’s day of eating and shopping.  I Facebook’ed one of my friends for advice on a fun, but different place at which to eat.  She suggested Cobblestone Cafe in Waynesville.

I checked out their menu and it seemed like a place perfect for a girlfriend day.  The fare is light and healthy, with many of their items including produce straight from their garden.  It’s definitely not a restaurant Jeff would pick to dine in.

When you pull up to the restaurant, you’re greeted by a welcoming hallway.  I love the older feel of the entrance.  They boasted an herbal patio in which to dine, but it was slightly chilly so we opted to eat indoors.

We were seated under the watchful eye of “The Chef” (he’s their mascot I’ve decided) and left to peruse the menu.

Everything looked delicious!  We all had a hard time deciding.  While we were choosing, they brought around iced tea and mini cranberry muffins.  Oh my…these muffins were so tasty!  They were light and airy with just a hint of sweetness.

We were all pretty hungry, so we decided to split the Goat Cheese and Tomato Spread as an appetizer.  It was pretty good.  I have decided I like goat cheese, but only in small amounts.  As this appetizer was pretty heavy handed with the goat cheese, I wasn’t bowled over by it, but it was still good.  My mom and Diane loved it!

Mom and I decided to split the Mushroom Ragu Crepes.  These were very good albeit a little small for splitting.  I think if I had ordered them just for myself or if I had gotten a salad or soup on the side, it would have been the perfect amount, but as it was I was still a bit hungry after I was done eating.  I also wanted just a hint more spice.  I added a touch of salt and it livened up the flavors quite nicely.

Diane opted for the lunch your way, getting a half That’s a Wrap and a side Cobblestone Salad.  She raved about both!  They looked really good and I was a bit green with envy I didn’t order it for myself.

After the main course, they brought around the dessert tray.  I have decided if I ever have a restaurant, bringing around the dessert tray is a must.  It’s a lot easier to say no to a menu that just lists the desserts versus a tray that boasts all the wonderful, shiny, sugary treats they have to offer.  Mom and I both ended up ordering something!  Baklavah for me,

and lemon meringue cake for her!

We also both got cappuccinos.  It was a coolish day outside, like I mentioned before, so this warm, toasty treat was just the ticket!

After dining, we wandered through the gift shop on the opposite side of the store.  So many unique gifts to choose from!

My mom lives in the hill country of Texas and every time I visit, we end up going to antique-y type stores.  I’m not a huge antiques lover, but I like to meander through the stores looking at the items.  I think most of these things would look out of place in my bare, undecorated home.  I’m extremely challenged in the decorating department so if anyone ever feels like helping out, I’m up for it!

Finally, we stopped by the Cobblestone Cafe sign for an impromptu photo shoot.  She had been asking me to take pictures of her for her blog while she was here, so I took a couple in front of the sign for practice.  We actually never got around to taking the real pictures!  Whoops.  I guess there’s always next time.

She snapped a couple of me too!  Don’t you just LOVE that scarf?  I’m not typically a scarf person…but I can change!

I shot a quick one of her and Diane as well and then it was off to the Hidden Valley Fruit Farm to pick up some apple cider.  Yum!

On the way back to the car, my photographic eye spotted a couple gorgeous subjects I just had to capture.  I’m getting better and better at “seeing” pictures (if I do say so myself) and try to snap as many of them as I can.

It was a great day and a great local restaurant find!  If you’re in the area and want to check out a deliciously hidden gem, try Cobblestone Cafe.  It’s worth the trip!

Cobblestone Cafe
10 N Main St
Waynesville, OH  45068

*Cobblestone Cafe did not sponsor this post in any way.  All opinions, thoughts, and photos are my own.  I purchased all the food and drink myself.*


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