Little Monster

As you may recall, Jake was under the weather last week.  In fact, he was sick the entire week.  No fun at all.  Not for him, not for us, not for the ladies at daycare that had to clean up his vomit from the floor on Friday.

We thought he was better since he didn’t get sick all day Thursday, but around 11:30a on Friday, I got a call saying he had gotten sick twice and needed to be picked up.  Boo!  Luckily, Jeff’s work is very understanding and flexible so he was able to take care of the little guy.

As I was finishing up my long day at work Friday, I started to feel…iffy.  I just felt off.  I thought maybe it was the pizza I had brought for lunch that day as it had started right around the time I finished eating.  But as the day went on, I kept feeling worse and worse.  I eventually called it a day about half an hour early and went home.  About 15 minutes after I got home, I was running to the bathroom to throw up.  (Sorry…tmi.)

I ended up getting sick twice that night and quarantining myself in our bedroom.  Too bad it didn’t help!  Jeff got sick twice, but luckily I felt better after a good night’s sleep!  I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I didn’t question it.  (I don’t know how lucky you can call getting the stomach flu twice in one year though…)

Saturday, since Jeff felt gross most of the day and I didn’t want to get too active with Jake, we hung out at home, playing inside.  It was very cold out and I didn’t want to risk making Jake worse.  Then, Sunday, we were all feeling much better.  After running some errands and taking a short nap, I dressed Jake in his Halloween costume and took him outside for a photo shoot (and some tree tasting).

Since he was sick on Tuesday, I didn’t get a chance to take him trick or treating!  I really wanted some pictures of his oh-so-cute costume, so I figured better late than never.  In a few years’ time, I won’t remember anything aside from how cute my little monster looked.

We also managed to snap a few family photos today as well.

I gotta say…those boys make my heart smile.


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