Oh, Hai…

So, by now you notice I’ve been missing a bit.  Yeah, life has been a bit hectic lately.  My mom came for a visit in early September and since then I’ve been playing catch up at work and at home.  Well and doing a bunch of fun things also!  Here’s what you have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Jake turned 9 months old

We finally finished the outside of our house with the completion of our landscaping

My mom and her boyfriend/partner person Wes visited

We did several fun things including going to the Renaissance festival, trying to go to the Mansfield Reformatory and failing,

taking a Thai Cooking Class,

and eating at a several places including the Cherry House Cafe,

and the Cobblestone cafe.

We took Jake to the park and had a psuedo impromptu picnic.

I tried a few new recipes of banana puff bites for Jake

and PW’s Crash Hot Potatoes for us.

I also tried freezing herbs.

Jake got new jammies!

And, oh yeah, I got a new car!

Before long I’ll be posting about Jake turning 10 months also.  I may have to do a joint 9 month/10 month post.  Ha!

So, dear readers, I’ve missed you so much I’d like you to tell me which post you’d like to see on Wednesday!  Please leave a comment below and tell me which of the above topics you’d most like to read about!



2 thoughts on “Oh, Hai…

  1. Wow! You have been busy! I love to read your blog and all of the above interest me. Lets hear about Jake’s jammies…..I love babies!

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