Restaurant Review: Boosalis Baking and Cafe

I am always on the lookout for new, local restaurants I can haunt.  The other day, my husband and I decided to meet for lunch so I immediately began looking for a new place to try.  He, like myself, is always up for some place new.

Being as he works right on 741 in Miamisburg, I wanted to pick a place that was very accessible.  After doing a bit of research and looking at several menus, I decided on Boosalis Baking and Cafe.  Incidentally, this place was right across the street from his work!  Score!

Upon entering, we immediately felt like we had stepped into someone’s home.  The cafe had charm, with wooden shelves on the wall, racks of bread behind the counter, and rows of delicious treats showcased below.  They have a small but diverse lunch menu with things like Cranberry Turkey, Tuna Salad, and Mom’s Beef sandwiches.  They also offer different soups each day.

The Beef and Bleu sandwich looked scrumptious to me.  Roast beef, bleu cheese, horseradish mayo, and veggies all piled on a crusty baguette.  Yes, please!

The lady taking my order asked if I’d like the lunch special.  What’s included in that? Turns out, for only a few bucks more, you get a side dish (chips or fruit), a drink, and a cookie.  Sweet!

Jeff opted for the Ham and Havarti which was served with veggies and sweet mustard all on a croissant.  I should mention they bake everything fresh and in house.  My wonderful husband ate his entire sandwich before I could ask for a bite!  Next time, I guess…

OK, can I just say my sandwich was so yummy?  Apparently Jeff’s was too!  The only thing I had a slight hard time with was just how crusty the bread was.  I love crusty bread, but when it’s on a sandwich it’s a bit harder to eat.  I managed though.  Don’t you fret about that!

After downing our sandwiches and fruit, we split the cookies we got:  oatmeal raisin for me and peanut butter for Jeff.

Oh. My. Goodness.  The cookies were slightly underdone, making them almost melt in my mouth.  They were thick, rich, and just right.  I loved every second of my cookies!  I could have most definitely eaten another dozen of them without batting an eyelash.  But I didn’t.

As an afterthought, Jeff bought a carrot cake muffin to take back to work with him as a mid-afternoon snack.  Of course, not ten minutes went by before I got this text:  “I was bad.  I ate my muffin.”  I’m sure it was just calling out to him…  He did say it was one of the best muffins he’s ever had.  I should have gotten one!

So, basically, if you live in the South Dayton area and are looking for a nice little bakery to go to, stop by Boosalis.  They are some of the friendliest restaurant owners I have ever encountered and they really go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is great.

They are open for breakfast, but I have yet to try that meal.  When I do I’ll let you know!

Be aware, however, they are closed on Sunday and Monday.  You can find their hours of operation as well as their menu here.

Wanna know one of the other great things about this place?  They use 100% natural ingredients!  I love that!  My friend, Carolyn, and I have this philosophy that if you use natural ingredients (think butter and cream) instead of artificial, manufactured substitutes, it’s not only better for your body, but you need less of it to feel satisfied.

Some of you may be wondering where this wonderful little slice of heaven is…it’s on the corner of 741 and Spring Valley, across from Starbucks and facing Lexis Nexis.  For you GPSers, the address is 9486 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH 45342.

So, pop in, say hello, and tell ’em Bethany sent you!

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9 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Boosalis Baking and Cafe

  1. Bethany….Thanks for the great review. I have been looking for a bakery….sounds like this might be the one !!! Keep up those reviews, it sure helps us “newbies” to the Dayton area !!!

    • Let me know what you think when you go. I’ll try to find some more places to put up. Any cuisines you are looking for in particular?

  2. I, ironically, also work directly across from Boosalis. Any of their baked goods are fabulous for breakfast.
    I can also suggest Boro Bistro as a place to visit for an awesome lunch or even dinner. They also use natural ingredients and their pesto pizza is fabulous!

    • I love Boro Bistro! I got one of their wraps one time and loved it. You may have given me my next review topic!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • I’m telling you…it’s that white sauce! They actually have a coupon available today through Living Social (like Groupon). It was a $16 certificate for $8! Major steal!

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