Restaurant Review: City Barbeque

After several people asked me about places to eat around Dayton, I decided a new type of post on my blog might be beneficial.  I love eating at local joints.  I find that food with local flavor tends to taste better.  I like to think the reasoning behind this is that local restaurants make their food with more love and care than national chain restaurants.  If you ask me where I want to go to eat, 75% of the time I’ll pick a local place.  For this reason, I have decided to start suggesting places around the Dayton (and sometimes Cincinnati) area at which I like to eat.

My first pick is City Barbeque (  I love barbeque.  I grew up in Tennessee and good ole Memphis barbeque holds a special place in my heart.  The location I visit most often is in downtown Centerville on the corner of 725 and 48.  I work less than five minutes from this location and have, on more than one occasion, treated myself to a beef brisket sandwich for lunch.

Just driving by the restaurant makes my mouth water as I can smell the meat cooking and see the smoke billowing out of their smokers.  They slow smoke all their meats, starting early in the morning, so even at breakfast time you can smell the wonderful aromas.

My favorite thing to get at City Barbeque is their beef brisket sandwich.  Jeff loves the North Carolina Pulled Pork, which is a pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw and vinegar.  The portions are good size here, so Jeff and I tend to each get a sandwich and then make one of them a platter (which just means we add two sides for $2.99).

We usually get their mac & cheese and their fries.  When the fries are fresh, they are really good, but if they aren’t fresh, they can get a bit soggy.  I have had their cornbread, corn pudding, and hush puppies and they are all really good.  Carolyn was visiting last week and she had the greens.  I believe she liked them.

Some other things I have tried at City are their Texas Smoked Sausage (yum!) and the smoked chicken.  The chicken had good flavor, but it didn’t hold a candle to the pork or brisket.  I have also had the Texas Sheet Cake (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting).  Jeff and I had to wait a few minutes for fries one day and the manager didn’t like that Jeff was finished with his sandwich by the time the fries came out, so he gave us cake for free.  It was really, really good.  Moist and sweet, just like I like it.

I have yet to try the ribs.  Every time I go, I am craving the beef brisket!  I just found out they have $1 rib days on Tuesdays (at least at my location), so I’m thinking I’m gonna go on a Tuesday.  I also just found out they have a rewards card.  For each $1 you spend, you get a point on your card.  After you spend $100, you get a $5 coupon!  I love rewards programs.  One other thing…they have a lunch option.  You get a 1/4 pound sandwich and two sides for $6.59.  It’s a pretty great deal!  In fact, I think I’m gonna have to go there for lunch today…

I really can’t say anything bad about City Barbeque.  They have something for everyone, they have lots of locations, and their prices aren’t bad.  I also love the fact that my City is located right next to a Graeters (amazing ice cream)!  But that’s another blog…


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: City Barbeque

  1. City BBQ was great !!! We went there our 2nd week of being in Dayton. The Manager stopped by our table when he found out we had just moved to Dayton, from Texas !!! He wanted our opinion on the food and the comparison to Texas BBQ and wanted to make sure we came again….which we most definitely will.

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