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11 thoughts on “Restaurant & Store Reviews

    • I haven’t. My little one is 5 months and we just don’t make it out to each quite as often as we used to. Plus, we usually go to the same restaurants it seems! There is a place in Beavercreek, the Cherry House Cafe, that is particularly yummy though.

      • I have seen that but have never been there. I’ll have to check it out!
        There’s a couple places I want to try in springboro….Heathers cafe and main street deli. Have you been to either?
        Depending on the child, 1 1/2-2 1/2 was the hardest age for us to go out to eat. Mason didn’t want to sit still. And it doesn’t help that he’s not a good eater.

      • I’ve been to Heathers and LOVE it. I recommend going when it’s nice outside. They have a wonderful patio. Plus they sell wine. My friend and I went one afternoon, had a leisurely lunch and killed a bottle of wine. It was one of the best girlfriend dates we’ve been on!

  1. We went to Sidebar on the Oregon District this weekend and it was awesome! We also went to Deweys Pizza in the UD area for Mothers Day and they are sooo good too! It is upscale pizza and salad, not a dive pizza place.

  2. We love Deweys pizza! Yumm! It is awesome! They have one at Newport on the levee too. And when we go to the aquarium, we always go to Deweys. Oh, and they have one by Entertrainment junction too!!

    • My husband and I are planning a stay-cation for June. I thought we could go to the aquarium, the Union Terminal Imax (they currently have a movie on Hawaii!!!), and possibly Kings Island. If we go to Newport, I’ll mention Dewey’s. We love pizza! Speaking of pizza, Dorothy Lane Market in Washington Square has a new Naples style pizza oven. I bought one yesterday because I love that style pizza. Unfortunately, it was a bit lacking. Not enough flavor and there was a floury taste to the bottom of the crust. I would give it a 5 out of 10 I think. Too bad, too!

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