Hiking Adventures

I’ve been trying my hardest to get healthy in 2017.  I wasn’t terribly unhealthy in the past, but I definitely let go of my healthy habits recently.  It’s resulted in a nearly 40 pound weight gain from my ideal weight from 2010.


Aren’t we cute?  😛

Part of my motivation for losing weight and getting healthy in addition to living longer and being able to keep up with my son is the fact that I’m matron of honor in my best friend’s wedding on April 8th.


The dress I ordered is just a leeeeeetle too snug so I’d like to tone up just a bit and lose just a smidge of weight between now and then.  My goal is to stay under my calories and to move 30 minutes extra every day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of exercises I want to focus on.  I’ve tried a few things in the past and my two favorites are Zumba and walking.  I’m not a runner.  I’m just not.  I hate it.  But walking is awesome!  I love putting my headphones in and pounding the pavement.  I do some of my best thinking while I walk!

Then I started thinking about how I could get Jake involved more.  We’ve introduced him to the world of video games which is a little scary to be honest.  I love me some Zelda and Mario and want him to have fun with me while we play, but I want to avoid him becoming so digitally dependent to have fun.

We don’t get outside enough in my opinion.  Our options are limited right now with the cold Ohio winter but, when it gets warmer, I want him to want to choose to go outside instead of stay indoors.

img_8962editedThis weekend was 60º on Saturday so we went hiking at our local arboretum!  We had been to another park once last year and he only lasted about ¼ mile before asking to be carried.  He’s 40 pounds now…I can carry him but only for short distances so that’s not really an option.  Part of me was hesitant to take him with me, but I figured I can’t not try, right?

img_8967editedAt our arboretum there are three paths:  the RED one is .6 miles, the BLUE is 1.1, and the YELLOW is 1.8.  I asked Jake which one he wanted to start with, explaining the differences. He chose the red (with my persuasion) to “see how things go”.

We started down the red path and I explained how to tell which trail to take based on the markers.  I think it became a game to him to find the red dots.  Every time we came to a fork, I asked him which way to go and he would shout “Mommy! It’s that way!”

img_8964editedA couple times we came across a muddy section and he would start to whine about getting dirty.  I would say “You’re a boy! You’re supposed to get dirty!”  Then I started thinking about it…why is it OK for boys to get dirty, but not girls?  So I changed it to “You’re a kid! You’re supposed to get dirty!”  Once I had to pick him up and carry him over a particularly deep muddy section, but other than that he was a trooper!  He even started splashing in the “muddy puddles” (thank you, Peppa) towards the end.

img_8970editedWe got to the end of the red path and I asked if he wanted to go back to the car or keep hiking.  He wanted to keep hiking!  So I asked which path…if he wanted to go on the red one again or try another one…and he picked the blue path.  I kept asking if he was sure and double checking that he wasn’t tired, but he was a trooper and insisted he was up for it.

love the blue path.  It goes down a little hill and past a babbling brook.  We even saw a deer on this hike!

img_8992editedI think we took a wrong turn eventually (this path isn’t as clearly marked) because we ended up only walking about 1.7 miles including the walk to and from the parking lot, but that’s OK.  I was still proud of my little buddy for completing it!

img_8965editedThe best part?  He keeps asking when we can go hiking again!  I can’t wait to check out some other parks near us…I hear there’s great hiking all over Ohio!



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