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Confession:  I have probably 15 blog post topics just sitting in my WordPress desktop waiting for me to type them out.  I have an additional 4 or 5 sets of pictures on my iPhone waiting to be loaded into WordPress.  Most of them are recipes, which makes them easy to postpone, as I’m going to do today.

See, I was going to share with you my chili recipe as it’s Super Bowl time.  In fact, as I type this I can taste remnants of the chili on my tongue as I sit watching the Super Bowl commercials and waiting for Lada Gaga.  I would LOVE to be one of those people who live for the game but I’m not.  Never have been.  Turn on some Kentucky Wildcats basketball and we’ve got another story.  But football?  Yeah, no.img_8398

Speaking of basketball, did I mention my little guy is playing?  He had his last game two weekends ago.  He and his buddy, Anderson, had so much fun!img_8816

But this post is not about sports.  It’s about what’s new at the grocery store!  At least what’s new that I saw today.  There are tons of things I missed I’m sure.  In fact, I wasn’t even looking for these items!  But man I’m glad I found them.

Chobani Meze Dip

I have been looking for this dip for a while now.  I really didn’t know anything about it other than it’s Chobani, one of my favorite companies.  I have tried all sorts of Greek yogurt brands in the past and I always come back to Chobani.  For a while I was a Fage fan, but recently I’ve decided the filling is too sweet.  I love Chobani black cherry in particular.  So when I saw these dips on Ibotta (a money saving app), I wanted to try them.  I picked up the Smoked Onion Parmesan flavor today. They also have Roasted Red Pepper, Three Pepper Salsa, and Chili Lime.

I saw all the delicious flavors and then I saw something that REALLY caught my eye.  TWENTY FIVE CALORIES IN TWO TABLESPOONS.  Seriously?  No.  No, seriously?  I am in my best friend’s wedding in two months and my bridesmaid’s dress is just a smidge too tight, so I’m trying to loose a few pounds.  When I saw a creamy, flavorful dip for only 25 calories per serving, I had to try it.  And you know what?  It’s amazing!  So delicious!  I can’t wait to try the other flavors!  I can definitely see myself having this product on hand at all times.  I had it on crackers but mini bell peppers and carrots would be great too.

Stonefire Naan Crisps
I have been increasingly interested in trying Indian food lately.  I’ve had a little here and there, but I’ve never been to an Indian restaurant.  I keep trying to convince my Indian pharmacy manager to take me to a local restaurant so I can get an education with my meal, but our schedules never really mesh up.  One of these days…

So, instead, I keep finding Indian-inspired items to tide me over.  Take these crisps for example.  I love naan…I still haven’t tried making my own, though I have a recipe in my Pinterest file that I’m excited to try.  Maybe after the kitchen renovation is over.  These naan crisps are light, flavorful, and the perfect vehicle for the Chobani dip!  The Tandoori spice ones are particularly delicious.  They are dangerous though.  I could kill a bag in about 10 minutes (or less).  The food scale and portion control are my friends lately.

Snack Factory Dessert Thins

I can’t say enough good things about Snack Factory.  They started it all with the Original Pretzel Crisps, which are delicious by themselves.  Then they started adding flavors.  Everything, Honey Mustard and Onion, Garlic Parmesan.  All the flavors are good.  Not to mention that time they dipped the pretzels in peanut butter and chocolate.  Talk about killing a bag in one sitting!

Now, they have introduced Dessert Thins.  These cookie-like crackers are sweet and delicious.  You get four 2×2 squares for 130 calories and they come in the yummy flavors of brownie, chocolate chip, or, my personal favorite, lemon tart.  The lemon ones would be awesome topped with raspberry jam and some candied lemon rind!

Damn.  Now I can’t stop thinking about those peanut butter coated pretzels.  😐

halo-top16365-2500pxHalo Top Ice Cream
OK, so Halo Top isn’t new per se, but I know there are still some of you who haven’t heard of it.  Basically it’s high protein, low calorie ice cream.  I know what you’re thinking…uh…gross!  But it’s a good alternative to the high calorie stuff when you’re trying to eat better and lose weight.  You can have an entire pint of ice cream for less than 300ish calories!  Though, take my advice and split the pint in half.  Due to the high protein content, this ice cream can be extremely filling!  They have some really yummy flavors, but my favorite is the…wait for it…peanut butter cup.  I know.  Shocker.


What have you discovered at the grocery lately that you’re in love with?  Not like I need any more deliciousness in my house…

2 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. I am a creature of habit with a 3 year old. Ugh, I wish I had time to look at different things. I definitely will be on the look out for some of these. Umm especially the ice cream:))

    • They’re all seriously so good! The ice cream is definitely a good option if you’re trying to eat better. It’s not the real thing, but it’s not crap like most of the other “healthy” ice creams.

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