Hoops and Dreams

Little kids playing sports.  Is there anything cuter?  Ever since Jake was young, we have had him playing sports.  In fact, most of the time he is doing at least two activities outside the house weekly.  Not only does this get out some of that little boy energy, it teaches him great life skills like teamwork, following directions, and bonding.

img_7364The first thing we enrolled him in was swimming.  There is nothing cuter than his little boy body dressed in swim trunks looking at me with a goofy smiling while wearing his goggles on his face.

img_7528Oh gosh…I could just squeeze that little kid to pieces!

During his first swim lesson, he cried bloody murder most of the class!  It took everything in me not to go in to the pool area and scoop him up.  Jeff tells me I baby him too much sometimes, but HE’S MY BABY!  It’s hard for a parent to let their kid cry, especially when he hasn’t done anything wrong!

img_7518I moved my seat to the opposite side of the pool and continued to watch him struggle through the first class.  He actually swam quite well, but he was still sniffling and whimpering throughout.  Luckily, every class after that was a breeze.  He really took to swimming and was able to swim without “floatuses” (as we call them in our house…thank you “Simpsons”) last summer!  Thankfully, he’ll be taller this summer too, so I won’t worry about him being in the shallow end as much.

img_0209editedAfter trying swimming, we wanted to see how he did with some other sports.  At daycare, they had a program called Soccer Shots, which came in once a week and introduced the kids to various parts of soccer.  There were no games…it was really just fundamentals…but Jake seemed to take to it, so we signed him up for YMCA soccer.  img_0288editedimg_9608editedHe, along with three of his buddies, played soccer during the spring of 2015.  Three-year-olds don’t really pay that good of attention to the coach during practice and I think they’d rather pick wildflowers during the game than actually “play”, but dang are they cute!

img_3228editedSince he didn’t really seem to care if he was playing soccer or not, we didn’t sign him up for the fall season that year.  But the following spring, some of his buddies were playing again, so we asked if he wanted to and he said yes.

img_3363editedCan I just say the difference between three-year-old and four-year-old soccer is pretty substantial?  The first week or two they were still in la la land for the most part, but finally things started clicking and they actually seemed to get the concept!  By the end of the season, the kids were actually playing like they knew what they were doing!

img_7450editedJake actually asked when he could play again during the summer last year, so when some of my girlfriends asked if I was signing Jake up for fall soccer, I agreed.  This time, the boys (and girl!) would play in a different league.  It was a little more organized and a little more polished.  The games were in the middle of a heat wave, but who can help that?  Best of all, Jake got to wear a jersey with his name AND his daddy’s old number on it!

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-6-23-47-amJust last week, he asked when soccer started again.  I guess he’s missing it!

We’ve been trying to keep him in a sport (in addition to swimming) pretty much the whole calendar year, so after soccer was over last fall, we started thinking about what we wanted to get him in.  We landed on two options:  basketball and ice skating (with hopes of it leading into hockey at some point).  So, being the overachievers we are, we enrolled him in both!  Luckily Daddy likes taking him to practice a lot because Mommy has to work more in December than any other month of the year.

img_8027For skating, his cousin joined him on the ice.  In the first few classes, they learn how to get up from the ice and how to walk on it in their skates.  By the end of the first “season”, which was a series of six classes I believe, Jake was pretty decent at gliding short distances.  He seemed to have pretty good balance and wasn’t scared of falling at all.  He’s just started his next set of classes, so hopefully he will continue to improve.

img_8143editedBasketball at the Y was with one of his good buddies, Anderson.  These two boys are little pistols when they are together!  They are sooo goofy, but seriously the sweetest boys ever.  Unfortunately, between working nearly every Saturday in December and having to travel a lot during January, I was only able to see one of his basketball games, but he really seemed to like it.  We even put a basketball goal in the basement for his birthday!

img_8154editedOne of my favorite things about sports for kids is that it helps them get all of their energy out in a constructive way.  It also teaches them some life lessons along the way.  I’m glad Jake inherited his daddy’s sports talent because Mommy is lacking…  I was more of a gymnastics/piano girl growing up.  img_7410editedEither way, this kid looks cute in sports gear!

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