New Year, New Me (Cheesy, Right?)

OK, so it’s been…a minute…since I blogged.  Several people have asked me why I haven’t blogged in over a year and, to be honest, it’s TIME!!!  Busier store, busier kid, busier life.  When you’ve got a million things going on, blogging is very easy to say “eh…later” to.  But in the spirit of remembering recipes and life events, I’d like to get back to it.  So…here goes.

What’s new?  So many things have happened in the last year plus that I really don’t remember.  (My memory is shot…I can barely remember conversations I have with people a day or two later.  It’s bad.)  So we are going to focus on what’s current and go from there.

First off, I got a couple new toys for Christmas:

I’ve been wanting a smoker for a loooong time especially since some of my neighbor-friends have one and have had us over a couple times to sample the deliciousness that results in their hard work.  I’m currently sitting on my couch typing this blog post smelling wood smoldering away outside.  Mouth=watering.  Results to come soon.

I’ve also been really needing an instant pot.  I had a pressure cooker I murdered a few months ago (how?  Jury’s still out on that one…), so this gorgeous girl was a MUST!  If any of you read Skinnytaste’s blog (and seriously if you haven’t, you should), you know she uses her Instant Pot at least a few times a week.  Being a busy working mama, pressure cooking is a no-brainer!

So far, I’ve made the beginnings of Salsa Verde Chicken Taquitos and Chicken Soup in it, but I’ve seen everything from ribs to cheesecake made in it.  I’m extremely excited.

Oh yeah…and see that bottle behind the instant pot?  My best friend of over 15 years is GETTING MARRIED!  She asked me to be her maid of honor and I’m beyond excited about it.  April 2017 baby!


Jake is now five.  FIVE.  Shaking my head to myself as I type that.  He’s SUCH a stinker but man is he a cute kid.  He’s definitely my child…he gets frustrated at not being able to do that smallest things and everything is SO DRAMATIC with him!  I wish I didn’t know exactly where he gets it…


He’s very smart though and extremely athletic.  So far we’ve gotten him involved in soccer, swimming, basketball, and ice skating.  I’m thinking about adding gymnastics (because the kid loves to tumble and be goofy) and art class (because he’s pretty artistic too), but we’ll see.  He’s sweet and lovable unless he’s tired and then he turns into a devil! We gave up naps on the weekends about a year about, but recently we’ve been adding them back in because he seems to need it.  He’s growing.

We spent some time at the end of last year cleaning out the basement so he could have a play area somewhere in the house that was all his.  Before, he just had a small section of the family room for his toys but, after a little elbow grease and some organization, he has a whole big area just for him!  We got some rubber mats for the hard concrete floor and put all his big toys down there for him.  For his birthday, we bought him a basketball goal that would fit downstairs as well.  It really works out nicely especially with our cold Ohio winters!

img_8295Jeff and I are doing really well.  We’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and do something we’ve been talking about since we moved in.  We are RENOVATING THE KITCHEN!  We met with contractors in the summer last year and had a follow up meeting in December.  We should start work some time in March and I cannot wait!  I hosted Thanksgiving this year and will be taking on that holiday as “my” holiday going forward.  The whole time I was cooking, I kept thinking, “This is the LAST time I’ll have to cook Thanksgiving in this kitchen!”  Here is what our kitchen looks like currently (minus about 7 years…)

I’m beyond excited about a new kitchen.  We are removing a wall, adding a large island, rearranging our lighting, painting, replacing cabinets, changing flooring, the whole enchilada.  Mmm…enchiladas.

Those are the current highlights in our house.  Happy New Year!  Here’s to 2017!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Me (Cheesy, Right?)

  1. Yay! I got on here to steal (I mean borrow) your pot roast recipe for tomorrow and discovered your new post! Excited to check out more recipes esp with that pressure cooker. I have one as well but don’t use it as much as I should because I just can’t figure out/am not creative enough to come up with ideas! Welcome back!

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