Fall Festivities

IMG_0319editedFall is one of my favorite times of year.  The colors, the slightly cooler (but still warm) weather, the activities, the food!  When we start switching over to Halloween at work, I get all excited for the coming season.

Over the last few weeks in October, we have done a ton of fun things with Jake and our family and friends.  Here’s a look at a few toddler approved outings we’ve participated in lately:

I posted a few pictures from our hayride at Windmill Farms last week.

IMG_0290editedThis outing is becoming an annual thing with Jeff’s brother and his family.  For $8.95/person, you can go on a hayride that takes you all over the farm and through “Spook Hallow” where you may or may not see a couple ghouls hanging out.  An extra $3 gets you a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch!  They run hayrides starting in the middle of September all the way through Halloween.

IMG_0316edited IMG_0277edited IMG_0269editedAnother great event that we’ve been to every year for the last three years is the Monster Mash at our son’s daycare.

IMG_0399 IMG_0366They bring in vendors from all over the Miami Valley, provide snacks and drinks for the families, and have rides and activities for purchase.  We didn’t stay until the end this year, but apparently they had a balloon release as well.

IMG_0409My son has made several great friends over the last few years at daycare and I, in turn, have befriended the moms too.  I can’t say enough great things about our daycare.  They are thoughtful, caring, and really love our children.  They go above and beyond every day and he loves going to school there.

IMG_0469Just yesterday, my friend Kristy and I decided we wanted to try our hand at Tom’s Corn Maze. 

IMG_0463She had been here before and said it was fun, so Jeff, Jake, and I met her yesterday afternoon.  For $8/person (kids under 5 are free), you get a blank map and have to find 12 mailboxes throughout the maze.  Each mailbox has a piece of the map and, when the map is filled, you get to cross Victory Bridge!  Here’s a tip…listen to the masses of people surrounding the mailboxes!

IMG_0465It took us about 1.5 hours to do the whole thing, which isn’t too bad for $8!  Afterwards, we watched them chuck a pumpkin…or tried to at least.  It’s kind of like watching a golf ball after you hit it.  I always lose them in the clouds!

IMG_0471We’ve had some fun this month and we still have Beggar’s Night yet.  Jake LOVES his Spider-man costume and I have a feeling he will continue to wear it long into the new year.  Hope your fall has been as fun and beautiful as ours has!


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