Meal Plan for 10/4-10/10

We’ve gotten in a routine at our house.  Since I’ve taken a job as a store manager, I am lucky enough to get most nights and weekends off.  If you’ve ever worked retail, you know how rare this is.

At my job, we get to pick two Saturdays a month that we want to take completely off.  The other Saturdays we have to work a short, four hour shift.  Because of this, I tend to do most of my meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe prep on Sundays.

Typically, I make my meal plan either Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  Then I add all my ingredients I need to pick up to my GroceryIQ app on my phone (love this thing btw) and try to get to the store by 10A.  Our Kroger is packed by 10:30A, so the earlier I get out there, the better.

I am still in the process of figuring out the best way to record all my meal planning and the results of each meal.  I’ve tried several different ways from using an app like Instagram, to Pinterest, to keeping a running, written list of meals I like.  I think I may have figured out the best way, but I haven’t actually put it in practice yet, so I’m not going to share quite yet.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know.

Lately, I’ve just been making a list.  I write out the days of the week, add in any appointments, plans, events, etc, and then start filling in meals.  Since I’m a manager, I have to close one night a week (typically Thursdays), so I add that to the plan.  This coming week, I am going out with friends on Tuesday night, so that goes on there too.  This way, I can plan for my guys to have a meal Jeff can make or they can go out to eat on nights I won’t be there to cook.  Thursday night works for me to close because it’s 35¢ wing night at BW3s!

That was a long intro to tell you about the meals I have slated for this week…

Sunday – Marinated and Grilled Pork Chops with Skinnytaste Garlic Parm Roasted Fries

Monday – Waffle Crusted Chicken w/ Skewered Grilled Potatoes

Tuesday – Coneys for the boys using my City BBQ Chili recipe

Wednesday – Baked Chicken Parmesan with roasted green beans

Thursday – BW3s for the boys

Friday – Garlic Bread Chicken Nuggets with Corn Casserole

Saturday – Grilled Chicken Tacos with Cilantro Lime Rice

So that’s what’s planned for our house this week.  I’m hoping to report back with all kinds of yummy additions to my list of Must Make Again meals!

Full disclosure:  95% of the pictures in this blog post are NOT mine.  I DO NOT take credit for them or the deliciousness they portray.  For the actual recipes I will be using this week, please click on the associated links in the titles.


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