Run Baby Run


I had been looking forward to my girls’ weekend away in Louisville for a while now.  Not only would I get to see my bestie, but we were doing The Color Run too…“The Happiest 5k on the Planet”!


You may remember when we did this run last year.  I remember thinking it was just OK but I wasn’t sure if I’d do it again.  I’m so glad I did!  I’m not sure if it was because we knew to expect about an hour wait at the lineup or what, but this year was so much fun!  Could have been partly to do with these jokers keeping us entertained while we waited!


We took our time getting to the race because, as I mentioned before, we knew we’d have to wait a while at the lineup.  They let the runners go across the starting line in waves so the color stations don’t get too clogged up.  We killed time taking pictures.


After about 45 minutes, we were on our way.  Blue was up first!


There were three (well, technically four) more color stations, but I didn’t take any more pictures until almost the end when there was a fun wall everyone was able to sign.


Look closely…can you spot my name?


By the time we were done, we were both a hot mess.  But in the best way.


Afterwards, I messed around with the panorama function of my iPhone!


One of the best parts of the Color Run is the color throw at the end.  I missed it last year, but this year we were dead center.  It was fabulous!


I loved this saying:


What a great time we had!


While we were walking to the car, Carolyn spotted a friend of hers, who she promptly stole.


This little bundle was the cutest thing ever!

From there, we went to my favorite breakfast place in the world…Wild Eggs!  So good!

There was a 45 minute wait (worth it, btw), so we got some coffee and headed outside to kill some time.


It was a gorgeous morning.  I think it was about 70* with a slight breeze.  It was the perfect morning to chill outside!


Of course, once we got inside, it was just as good.  I ordered the chilequiles and we split an order of the raspberry lemon pancakes.  They were both out of this world.  I already want more.


Once we were done eating, we were both pretty tired, so we headed home to rest up and get ready for painting that night.  Stay tuned…

What has been your favorite 5k (or longer) you’ve run in the past?


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