Playground Playtime


We are pretty lucky.  We have a playground about a mile from our house.  Actually, it’s an elementary school with a playground, but it’s open to the public when school is not open.  More than a few times, I’ve taken Jake on a walk to this playground and let him run off some steam.  He’s still a little too small for a lot of the equipment, but he has fun regardless.


This time we were lucky because Daddy came too.  He was able to put Jake in position on the slide and I was there to catch him at the bottom.  It was also nice to spend a little QT with my boys after a day at work.  Here’s a few shots from our fun at the playground:


Parking LotThirsty2JacobMommy2Slide2What?Playing2JacobMommySlideJake

You’d think after a fun day at the playground PLUS a picnic with his cousins, Jake would have been out by 7p.  Dude, this little guy hung until 8:30p!  Daddy and I on the other hand were beat.  Can I please have some toddler energy?  Mkthanks.

If those pictures were cute enough, here’s some videos to put you over the edge:

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