Food Rut, Toddler Edition

When I was pregnant, I was one of those moms who knew she would feed her kids healthy, wholesome food.  I haven’t always been very “clean” about what I eat, but I wanted to do better with them.  Tons of fruits and veg, healthy snacks, etc.

Well…then I had a baby.  And worked 50 hour weeks.  And didn’t have a housekeeper.  OK, so those are really excuses, but still.

I have been somewhat sucked into the world of convenience kid foods.  You know: goldfish crackers, graham crackers, veggie straws, animal crackers.  Tons of starch and carbs.  The kid seems to be hungry 24/7 and, yes, I do understand there’s a reason for the phrase “he’s a growing boy” but DANG!

PS…these Penguins are from Walgreens and they are delicious.  So much better than goldfish!  They are crisper and more cheesy tasting.  Just a shameless work plug…

I’m good with BLDs (you know, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners), but it’s the in betweens that get me.  I try to have lots of fruits available.  His favorites are strawberries and blueberries, though he is quite a fan of canned pears and peaches (in juice only please!).  He also likes applesauce pouches.

As for veg…he’s kinda iffy about most veg.  He loves corn, but is eh on potatoes.  Any time I put anything green on his plate he kind of pushes it around.  He loves avocado, but that’s technically a fruit, right?

Yogurt is a great option for him as is cheese.  Jeff seems to think a piece of bread is a good snack and I only somewhat agree.  We gave Jake peanut butter the other night though and he liked it, so I’m not opposed to a piece of toast with PB.  At least he’d be getting a little protein.

So, friends, I need some suggestions.

What do you give your kids to munch on for snack?


4 thoughts on “Food Rut, Toddler Edition

  1. I feed my toddler sneaky muffins, I make a healthier version banana bread mix and add in shredded carrots and zucchini. We also ALWAYS have greek yogurt on hand as well as smoothies, we add lots of spinach and kale!

    • I need to get better at offering smoothies. They are such a yummy treat I could easily hide greens in, yet I never remember to make them! Adding it to the list. Thanks!

  2. Both of my kids (ages 4 and 17 months) love the apple peanut butter snack bars and high protein energy bites I talk about in this post:
    It is so easy to get into the trap of convenience foods! I have to force myself not to buy them or that’s all they will want to snack on. I try to make snacks for the week on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to avoid them asking for the processed foods.

    P.S. I found your blog via your comment on another blog–I think we live in the same town. 🙂

    • What makes you think that??

      I’ll check out your bars. I’m all for nutritious snacks. Maybe if we do live in the same town, we can have a snack making party! 😉

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