SICSA Event Results


Remember last week when I posted about having a pet adoption at my store? Well…it went GREAT!  I am so thankful for all my co-workers who pulled together to support me and the cause.

I got to the store around 9a to set everything up.  I had to get the table situated, put all the signs I made in frames, put the baked goods out, get the beverages out of the cooler, etc.  It didn’t take too long and before I knew it, I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the animals to arrive.


They showed up around 11:30a and we got to work selling the baked goodies and raffle tickets.  My manager, Kristy, and another store manager from our community, Pete, were helping me hawk the goods.


We had so many delicious treats available!  My co-workers were amazing and made brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Reese’s cup cookies, Rice Krispie treats, poppy seed bread, and 7 layer cookies (aka “magic bars”).  I also had a co-worker buy Chick-fil-a brownies and cookies for the event.


My favorite part?  The poppy seed bread baker (Carrie) said she “ruined” a loaf of the poppy seed bread and thought I’d like it.  Well, if you insist…


We also had a couple generous donations!  7-UP donated 6 cases of mini sodas.  They are promoting the new “TEN” beverages, so it was a win/win!  The Cake Shop, a local bakery right across the street from my store, donated 24 cupcakes as well.  They were a BIG hit and so delicious.  If you’re in the Creek area and looking for a bakery for your next event (Graduation anyone?), seriously consider The Cake Shop.  They are moist, delicious, and obviously generous!  I sure loved my cupcake…


Speaking of donations, let me tell you about the raffle prizes.


First up was City BBQ.  They were able to provide us with a $50 gift card and three bottles of sauce!


The Dayton Dragons ended up giving us a pretty snazzy prize pack and, thanks to another co-worker’s connections, I was able to include a voucher for two free tickets!


Edible Arrangements participated by giving us a $50 gift card.  They are a great way to send someone a little love plus healthy eating!  Love that!


Finally, a local dog groomer, Groomingdales, tossed in a $35 gift card.  Love that I was able to include something pet based!


It was a wonderful event, even though it was only 50º that day.  Yes, we froze our tushies off!


I wasn’t too cold aside from my hands.  Playing with Sebastian the dog and Scout the cat made it all worth it though.


Thanks to all our sponsors, my co-workers, and of course the customers, we raised over $250 for SICSA!  I’d call that a success.  🙂


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