16 Months

Hi, guys!  You miss me?  I’m not going to make excuses for not posting much in the past few months.  I have a life.  I was living it.  The end.  🙂

Regardless, I wanted to share some of the latest pictures in our life.  Jake has been growing so much.  He’s actually becoming more like a little boy instead of a baby.  He’s gotten a lot more independent, often playing for long stretches of time on his own.  He loves attention, though, and makes it a point to get lots of hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy.

He’s saying tons of words now, specifically Mommy, Daddy, Nana (banana), soos (shoes), cra-ka (cracker), bubby (blueberries), etc.  He knows where his head, belly, hands, and feet are.  I think he’s starting to get ears and eyes too.  He can blow kisses and leans in to give Mommy a kiss when she leaves for work.  He will pick things up and give them to us when asked and he’s even managed to throw some things in the trash on command.  He’s getting a lot better at following directions.  He’s also getting a lot worse at following directions.  We will ask him to do something and he will throw a holy tantrum.  Other times, he does it just fine.  He definitely tests his boundaries.

One of his tricks he’s been doing for a while is throwing food.  He’ll do just fine for a bit and then all of a sudden he will pick up some food and throw it on the floor.  I’ve started removing his tray and/or taking him away from the situation, which helps for a bit, but hasn’t had a long term effect yet.  The last time it happened, I put him in his play pen and we continued to eat dinner, which he absolutely hated.  When I took him back out, he finished his meal like a little angel.  Last night for dinner, we actually set him up in his little table and chairs my mom bought for him for Christmas and he did better.

He’s transitioning into the next room at daycare, which means no more high chairs (all their meals are at baby tables) and transitioning to a cot instead of a crib at 18 months.  Jeff and I agree he’s growing up too fast!  He has a toy train that he pushes around all over the place now.  It makes noise and sings to him, which he loves.  It’s the cutest thing.

In the spirit of the NCAA tournament, we have started teaching him how to play basketball.  The kid is smart.  Now all he needs is a UK jersey!

He’s the sweetest, best little boy.  If all children were like Jake, I would have a million of them!

IMG_0526edited IMG_0540edited IMG_0542edited IMG_0551edited IMG_0606edited IMG_0669edited IMG_0818edited IMG_0821edited IMG_0920edited IMG_0952edited IMG_0996edited

Thank goodness for iPhones, right?

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