March 2013 Meal Plan

So…you may have noticed I’ve basically missed the entire month of February!  Whoops!  Something has happened in the last several weeks that has taken my attention away from the blog.  Oh wait…it’s called LIFE.  Obviously when presented with the choice between real life and virtual life, I choose real life.  But how could you ignore this sweet face?


If you were around last month, you might remember my meal plan for February.  I am the first to admit that plans, schedules, and tastes change, so my plan is extremely adaptable.  It’s honestly more like a list of options for the month.

Since I am a retail manager, my schedule is never the same week to week.  Some days I open (7:30-5), some days I close (1-10:30), and some days I’m off.  I don’t know a month of schedules ahead of time, so I just pick what sounds good to make for the month and hope for the best.  When my schedule and the meal planned for that day don’t coincide, meals change.  I either move a different meal to that day or figure out a different option altogether.

Last month, not only did schedule conflicts arise, but I got sick with the stomach bug!  Then Jeff followed soon after.  Obviously I wasn’t going to cook if I felt like I might…you know…any minute.  Enter Dominos.  🙂

Here’s what my “real” meal plan resulted in:

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.34.51 AM

The red ones (if you can’t deduce for yourself) were the meals I ended up not making.  And the dates for the meals I did make were way off.  For instance, I made the General Tso’s Chicken last night!  Whatever works, right?

I like my way of doing a meal plan because it feels very customizable to our lifestyle.  I can’t wait for the day where my schedule is predictable, but until that happens I will stick to this method.

Here’s the next month of meals:

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.20.53 AM

I’m trying a few new categories this month.  Sandwiches are coming in to play more simply because I want to start using my panini press again!  I’ve also added Casseroles back into the mix.  We end up eating probably one a week anyways, so I thought a category for it would just make sense.  I’m also trying out Side Dishes.  I have an entire board of side dishes on my Pinterest account that I never use, so I thought this would be a good way to do that.  I’m pairing the sides with a basic, easy to make entree.

I had a question about what I serve with these entrees most of the time.  Typically, I grab a prepared veggie dish out of the freezer (you know, Green Giant, Steamfresh, etc).  They are so quick and easy, plus require no added concentration.  When you have hungry husbands and toddlers milling around the kitchen like vultures, you need to be able to concentrate on the meal and get it to the table quicker than Usain Bolt.  If I have some time and the ingredients onhand, I might roast some veggies instead.  Asparagus, green beans, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are my favorites.  I also like to add a fruit of some sort to Jake’s meal.  He is still in love with blueberries and grapes.  We also keep little fruit cups in the pantry just in case.  In a pinch, I’ll pull out an old stand by.


He still loves them!

I hope you guys enjoy this post.  Please let me know if you tried any of the meals from last month and what you thought.  Also, if you want the recipes I included in this month’s post, check out my March Meal Plan 2013 board on Pinterest!


5 thoughts on “March 2013 Meal Plan

  1. I like the “side dish” category. So many yummy side dish options, but really no time to experiement if you always have a time consuming “main dish”!

  2. I applaud you for planning out a month. Last weekend, I decided to plan out our week of meals and we aren’t even half way thru and we have already gone of course! It’s the thought that counts I guess. 🙂

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