Like…Whatever?! (A Giveaway)

So, if you’re my friend on Facebook, you might have noticed an (innocent) request to like my Facebook fan page in the last few weeks.  I mentioned I would do something big when I got to 100 likes.  Today I’m at 78, which is a huge jump from where I was a few weeks ago.  I believe I was at 42 back then.

Anyhow…I want to give back to my lovely readers, so I’ve come up with a little temptation for you.  If I reach 100 likes by Monday, February 18, I will send one lucky subscriber a delicious goodie bag full of homemade treats.  I haven’t decided exactly what I will include, but you can bet it will be along the lines of this:

or this:

or maybe a new recipe from Pinterest.  Maybe this?


So how can you get this scrumptiousness in your belly?  All you have to do is like my Facebook fan page and then leave a comment on this post.

You can tell me your favorite dessert, your favorite movie, you favorite color, your favorite Muppet Baby, or simply tell me you’ve liked my page.  Whatever your little heart desires.  No matter what you tell me, I’ll still like ya.  Now go like me back!


12 thoughts on “Like…Whatever?! (A Giveaway)

  1. I am a lousy friend, I can’t believe I hadn’t done this before! If I win it will save you some dough on shipping 😉 Oh and my favorite Muppet Baby? I don’t know that I could pick just one…

    • Right?! My manager came up with the idea.

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      On Feb 9, 2013, at 6:22 AM, “One Girl’s Taste On Life”

    • I love a good German cake! Yum!

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      On Feb 9, 2013, at 1:30 PM, “One Girl’s Taste On Life”

  2. I would love any of your desserts! I sent Sarah Mann Adkins and Will Limmer to like your page!

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