Nine Months…wait, what?

Yeah…um, I have kind of had this post written since, well, last month.  I drafted it and kept meaning to go back and add pictures but could never find the time.  Seems that’s my mantra lately.  Anyhow, instead of lumping months nine and ten together in one looooong post, I am posting Jake’s nine month update today and will post the ten month update later this week.  Good times, man, good times.


So you may be wondering why the radio silence on my end of things.  Well, first I was on vacation, then I was back at work but things were hectic!  (More on why later.)  I didn’t go anywhere for my vacation, but my mom was in town visiting.  I have so many blog topics lined up, but between spending time with her when she was here, going back, and  then playing with my two boys, I’m having a hard time finding the time to write them all down!  Next time I’ll be sure for volunteers to write guest posts!

Today, I’m finally posting about Jake turning nine months!  So many things have changed in the last month.  If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you have probably seen most of them!

Self feeding has gone to a whole new level!  In the last month, we have tried yogurt, cheese, beef, chicken, pork, toast, and tons of fruits and veggies.  He still loves his Pure Organics pouches, but prefers to self feed with finger foods.  His favorites include sweet potato, butternut squash, and BLUEBERRIES!  This kid will eat anything.  I have yet to find something he doesn’t like.  He initially struggled with green beans, but after a few weeks I tried them again and he did fine.  I hope he keeps up this ‘try anything’ mentality forever!

No babies ingested alcohol from the taking of this picture.  See?
(He just liked the cold bottle.)

Jake is now eating three “meals” a day and drinking four 8 oz bottles.  I try to include a vegetable, fruit, and some sort of protein in each meal.  He loves cheese and yogurt and does pretty well with meats.  I don’t always add protein to the mix, but I like giving him balanced meals when possible.  I have cottage cheese in the fridge I plan to try soon, and I’m going to look at beans and lentils as well.  One of my goals for vacation is to figure out some recipes I can make for Jake.  I’ll be sure to update the blog when I find some I like!  (Yeah…this didn’t happen…)

Sleeping through the night is still going well!  We had a few days where he woke up super early (we’re talking 4am y’all) wanting a bottle, but luckily that only lasted for a couple days.  Now-a-days, he is going to bed between 7:30p & 8:30p and sleeping til about 7a.  He’s such a great baby.  Always wakes up with a smile!  We are so blessed.

He’s definitely mastered getting to a sitting position.  In fact, he’s also mastered standing by pulling up!  He loves pulling up.  He uses the couch, the laundry basket, the play pen, mommy & daddy…  He is trying to walk now.  He can hold our fingers and walk a little bit.  He hasn’t quite gotten the concept of walking along the couch, but he tries.  He does great at sitting from a standing position, though.

Crawling is going very well also!  He is fast!  He never scoots anymore.  If he wants to go somewhere, he crawls.  He loves the cats.  They are his favorite thing to crawl after!

He also likes his two new toys:  the Vtech Alphabet Train and a little Playskool tricycle thing.  He loves to sit on them and get pulled along the floor by Daddy.  He doesn’t quite understand how to pull himself along, so we have to do it for him.  Oh, and boxes.  He loves boxes.  But I think that’s pretty much a given for any baby!

New this month:  we have two new teeth!  His top two teeth are coming in.  He’s going to be like Mommy though…he has quite a gap right now.  We will definitely get his teeth fixed when it’s time (Jeff and I both had to have braces) and we probably won’t wait too long.  I had braces in high school and hated it!

One of his favorite things to do is take a swim er bath.  He loves bath time.  We have started giving him a bath pretty much every night because he has such a great time.  Last night, Jeff gave Jake a bath and said he was swimming around all over the place, putting his face in the water and everything!

Also last month, we celebrated my birthday.  We hung out at the house, went to the park, and had birthday celebrations at home.  You can read all about it here.  I must say, getting to spend the whole weekend with my boys was the best present this mom could have asked for!

It was kind of fun looking back tonight at everything Jake accomplished a few months ago.  It makes comparing the eighth month with the ninth month that much more interesting!  Check back soon for the next installment of The Ever-Growing Jacob!


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