Jammie Jams

The people have spoken.  Well, two of you have spoken anyhow.  I asked on my update blog post from Monday what the next post topic should be.  You all chose Jake’s new jammies!  He’s so honored. 🙂

Here’s the deal.  For the longest time I had no idea what to dress the little man in for bedtime.  When he was a teeny baby, it was the dead of winter so a footed onesie was a no brainer.  We have a heater in his room that kept the temperature around 70-72º so even though it was cold outside, his room was comfortable.

One the weather started warming up (and he had outgrown his footed onesies), I was trying to decide how warm to dress him.  He was getting older and was much more capable of regulating his temperature.  We were also starting to keep the house a bit warmer to save on electricity so it wasn’t a huge deal to keep his feet covered.

Eventually we just started putting him in a regular onesie (you know…short sleeves and pantless), but I kept worrying that it wasn’t warm enough for him.  Every time I would go in to get him, I would feel his legs.  He was always nice and warm, so I stopped fretting over it.

Now, we are beginning to get into the cooler months.  Again, we have a heater in his room, but I don’t feel comfortable dressing him in just a onesie.  After all, I have a sheet, a blanket, and a comforter keeping me warm at night.  Jake doesn’t have any of that!  I don’t like the footed onesies as much because they can’t grow with him as easily as outfits.  I feel like I’m cramming him into them sometimes.  That can’t be comfortable!

The other day, Mom and I were shopping at Gymboree when she held up an outfit that had a shirt and some leggings with it.  I was telling her I didn’t think boys wore leggings when the salesperson commented they were pajamas.  My eyes lit up and I ended up grabbing two of the three designs they had.  When she started wringing everything up, I noticed that the price for the PJs were only $8 each as opposed to $20 and I was only about $7 away from receiving another Gymboree buck!  I immediately snatched up the last design.

When I brought them home, washed them, and put Jake in a pair, I was in love with how cute he looked!  My little man wearing a two piece set of PJs!  How cute!  The only things I don’t like about these Gymboree ones is that they run a little small and the top needs to be a bit longer.  Regardless, playtime in jammies ensued!  No tiger rolling toy required.


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