Eight Months

I know I say this every month but…where does the time go?  I know before I can blink I’ll be buying him stuff for his dorm room.  Oh, God, let’s not think about that…

So, I was supposed to have this post up on Wednesday.  I typically write my blog posts the day before and have them auto release early in the morning.  Well, instead of drafting my post on Tuesday, I played with Jake the entire day!  Many of you know how rare that is for me but for those who don’t…

I have a retail job and, while I actually do like my job, I don’t like the hours.  I work days, nights, weekends, holidays, you name it.  The nice thing about my schedule is that I get days off during the week.  More often than not, I go ahead and send Jake to day care since we have to pay for it anyway.  Then I’m able to get my list of chores done (read: cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, food prep, running errands, etc) more quickly and efficiently than if I were to have him with me.

When I’m with Jake, the whole world stops.  I try to focus 100% on him, playing, laughing, tickling, etc.  This is the main reason I take him to day care even if I’m off.  I want to be able to focus and get my stuff done so that when I do have him with me, I don’t have to worry about that.

Jeff has been doing a great job of pitching in lately.  So much so that I decided to *gasp* spend a whole day with my little guy!  It was fabulous.  We played in the morning, he took a 2.5 hour nap (from which I had to wake him!), went to a play date, went in to Mommy’s work, and then came home.  What a great day!

Long story short…I didn’t get my blog post written.  #sorryimnotsorry

So here it is.  Two days late.

But who’s counting?


Jacob is eight months old.  Eight whole months.  He’s such a stinkin’ cute kid.  I feel like his last month or two have really been full of milestones!  Here are a couple new things we’ve learned to do in the last month:

He is completely sitting up by himself unsupported.  He’s alllllllllllmost able to pull himself to a sitting position.  Typically he rolls on his side and then tries to swing his torso around so it’s upright, but a lot of the time he just kind of clunks himself down.  Silly boy!

He’s had a ton of new foods!  His list of foods include broccoli, apples, peas (loves them!), green beans (blech!), banana, and peaches just to name a few.  I have pretty much stuck with purees, but he has recently shown an interest in puffs, so we’ve been practicing on those. He loves these pouches.  I unscrew the lid and just let him suck the contents out like a juice box.  He is actually really good at it!

I am going to start moving more towards the baby led weaning approach (where you give them bits of actual food and let them eat it), but I still get nervous every time.  He has gagged several times in the past with banana and the puffs, but hasn’t had an episode in a while.  I’m thinking he might possibly have figured out what he’s doing.

He can stand pretty well.  I like holding him up in front of me because I can easily hold him and hug him at the same time.  We use this table thing to help him stand.  He can hold on to it pretty well and it’s got pretty colors and lights on it to keep him interested.  Jeff said when he picked Jake up at daycare today, they were talking about how Jake can stand (assisted) really well and that he had been trying to pull up on things all day.  We think he’ll be standing on his own very soon.  Perhaps by his next birth month?

He is all about the crawling lately!  He started scooting on his front.  We called this the army crawl.  Then he started getting up on his hands and knees and just sort of bouncing or rocking back and forth.  Then one day, he figured out what to do and started crawling!  He still does a mix of the two, but it is so cute to watch.  One of his favorite things to crawl after is the camera.

Mommy doesn’t like that though.

He threatens us unless we give him lots and lots of yummy food.  The other day, he grabbed on to Jeff’s adam’s apple and I snapped this picture.  It’s grainy (thank you, iPhone) and sort of hard to see, but it’s cute.  Jeff’s face is priceless!

He is the happiest baby when we go in to get him from his nap or from sleeping overnight.  Speaking of that…he sleeps through the night!  He’s been doing it for a couple weeks now.  Every few nights, he wakes up crying, but I typically just put the monitor face down on the bed and try to tune him out.  Usually within 5-10 minutes, he’s back asleep.

It’s funny.  Just last month, I was contemplating calling the doctor to try and figure out why he wouldn’t sleep through the night.  Then I told myself to just be patient and see if maybe he’s just stubborn and he’d do it in his own time.  I was right!  Let’s hope he doesn’t revert…

He officially has two teeth!  In the Seven Month post, I said he was just starting to get teeth.  Now he has two beautiful pearly whites.  They are the bottom front two and they are so cute!  Of course I don’t have a picture of them.  You’ll have to make do with the cute one above!

He really is the happiest baby.  He gets fussy between 6-7:30p as I’m assuming many babies do as they are tired.  We were putting him down around 6p, but he was waking around 4a, so that was quickly changed.  Now we do our best to keep him up until at least 7:30p.  Sometimes he does great and stays up until 8 or 8:30p.  Other nights, he is so tired he’s practically asleep sitting up by 6:30p.  Those are the nights we pull out the big guns:  bathtime.

He has such a great time in the bath.  I have been putting on a swimsuit (yes, I know I could just get in naked, but for some reason I don’t feel comfortable doing that…call me crazy) and getting in with him.  It’s much easier to wash his hair if I’m able to be right in the middle of the action.

So anyhow, happy eight month birthday, Jacob!  You get playtime, I’ll take the Starbucks.  After all, they never miss a birthday!



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