Seven Months

Our little guy is seven months old!  He is such a good little boy, always smiling and laughing.  He loves his mommy and daddy and lights up when he sees us.  One of Jeff’s and my favorite things to do is pick him up at day care.  In fact, we fight over it!  When we were on vacation last month, we would almost always pick him up together because we wanted to see that smiling face so badly.

In the last month, Jake has had so many new experiences.

He went to a friend’s birthday party,

and then got to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

He ate solids for the first time, his favorite being apples!  He gobbled those apples right up and asked for more.  He loves peaches too.

(BTW, that bib says “Star of Mommy’s Blog”…thanks, Auntie Carolyn!)

He started sitting, unsupported, on his own.  I can now put him on his little booty and leave him there.  He can hold himself up with no problems!

He has continued scooting and has pretty much mastered turning around in a circle.  I watched him on the day care video feed from Friday and he was turning all over the place!

He has a tooth!  It’s just starting to come it, but it has broken through the skin already.  We didn’t even know he was teething until Jeff told me he felt something sharp in Jake’s mouth last week!  What a good little boy.

Just yesterday, he took a big boy bath without the baby tub! (Yes, I know this is still him in the baby tub, but I didn’t have a picture from yesterday.)

We are so lucky to have this little boy in our lives.  Every day is a gift and is more precious than the last.  Love him!


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