I heart Pinterest.  There are so many recipes, crafts, and ideas on that website that you could probably spend several hours looking through things.

Oh wait.  I have.

So, one day, during a massive Pinterest surfing session, I came across this post.  I loved it.  Steph of Modern Parents, Messy Kids has a goal to organize her entire life.  Part of this goal is to create a meal plan that is easy to plan and easy to follow.  Her friend Mel came up with just the type of thing she was looking for.

Basically, Mel breaks down the days of the week into categories (i.e. Meatless Monday, Pasta Tuesday, etc) and then fills in each category with meals.  What a great idea, I thought!  During one of the many midnight feeding sessions with Jake, I started to plan out what my calendar would look like.

Finally, last Thursday, I put my plan in motion.  After a little thinking, I came up with my categories.  They are a little more generic than Mel’s, but that’s OK with me.  It’s what will work for my family.  My categories are:

Sunday-Cookbook Recipe
Thursday-Pinterest Recipe

I (of course) created an Excel spreadsheet, which made it super easy to fill various recipes in.  I knew I wanted to make our favorites once a month, so I immediately plugged in meatloaf, Dad’s spaghetti, Pantry pasta, grilled chicken, Sloppy Joes, and Beef Stroganoff in the spreadsheet.  Then it was simply a matter of filling in the rest of it.

I wanted to include two columns for new recipes (I am a food blogger after all), so I chose a column for cookbooks and one for Pinterest. Here’s what the final spreadsheet ended up looking like:

(click on spreadsheet to see it bigger)

You may notice there are no spots for leftovers, which means I will most likely be cooking every day.  I would love to cook every day, but with my work schedule, it’s just not always feasible.  This is just a work in progress, so I’m using the month of July as a trial.

I am also implementing a planning tool that Kath talks about in this video:

She uses Google Calendars to help her plan her meals and, more importantly, helps remind her of things she needs to do ahead of time.  I’ve started this with my own calendar and hopefully it will work out!

The last and final tool I started using was a board on Pinterest I labeled “Top 10”.

I wanted a place I could quickly refer back to the recipes I chose to try from my Pinterest boards.  This will also make it easier to mark as “Completed” once I have made them.  I’m such a dork, but I love things organized!  That’s probably why I have 33 Pinterest boards…

Only time will tell if my new system will work out.  I am hoping to do a follow up post in August with very positive news!  Stay tuned!


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