Milestone: Sitting Unassisted

I know I’m deviating from my MWF format, but I have the next week’s posts already planned out and I really wanted to get this one up sooner rather than later.

We’ve celebrated several of Jake’s milestones here on the blog in the past few months including giggling and rolling over.  Today, we need to recognize the wonderful achievement of sitting unassisted!

He’s been sitting for a while, but usually I’m nearby with my hands at the ready to catch him when he inevitably topples.

He’s been holding himself up longer and longer.  Soon, I won’t even have to worry about him falling over and bopping his sweet little noggin.

One of his favorite places to sit up is in the bath.

I think the little ledge helps him hold his balance.  I haven’t tried a bath without the whale tub yet; I need to get some adhesive ducks (BBT, Carolyn??) or a mat or something.  We did break out some of the bath toys for him today though.  He loved it!

I am thoroughly enjoying each and every milestone we pass.  He just gets cuter every day!  I love that little boy more than words.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Milestone: Sitting Unassisted

  1. It’s a whole new world for everyone when they can sit up! That is a fun age! You should check out the inflatable duck from target. I think it’s like $12.00. We used that when mason could sit up until he was almost 2 I think. It gives them enough room and some cushion.

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