Foodie Pen Pals Bonus Post

If you’ve been a loyal reader for pretty much any amount of time, you probably know I’m not a consistent poster by any means.  If a subject interests me or I find a recipe I like, I’ll post about it (if I remember to take pictures, mind you).  Recently, I decided to take a different approach to posting so as to become a little more predictable to my readers.  I don’t know how well this is going to work, but so far, so good.

My new tactic is to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, taking weekends off to enjoy what time I have with my little family.  I typically work two out of every three weekends, so whatever time I have off on the weekends are reserved for them.  You blame me?  I didn’t think so.  🙂

For the first time in quite a while, I am finding I have too many subjects to post about to adhere to this MWF schedule, so today I am posting a “bonus post” if you will.  A few days ago I wrote about my first experience with the Foodie Pen Pal swap.  Since that time I know of at least two other people who have joined the game!  What fun!

I wrote about what I received from my penpal, Lauren, but didn’t mention what I gave my penpal, Anne.  I asked her if she would be interested in writing a post and she agreed!  Here’s what she had to say:

This was my first month participating in Foodie Penpals and I’m so glad I did! I recommend it to anyone who looks forward to getting mail but never receives any (except bills) because it’s all about email and texts! This concept is so fun and I’m glad I was matched with Bethany for my first month. She was so fun and nice and I’m jealous of who gets her next!!

I received my box on a day that I was thinking that I didn’t want to participate next month and then I instantly changed my mind. Of course, that was mostly because my box was awesome. The food was amazing and I loved the note that described each part of the box and an amazing recipe! I only provided her with a short list of my likes and she nailed it!

Here is what was inside:
First, a delightful, delicious peanut butter cup brownie. I had 2 bites and then decided it would be nice if I shared it with my husband and he was equally excited about it. It was from Dorothy Lane and I will be ordering some in the near future!

A grilling rub from Dorothy Lane. So far, we have used this on steaks, chicken and veggies and it adds just the right amount of flavor! She was kind to note that you only needed a little which was very nice of her.

I love Trader Joe’s and I’m so sad that we don’t have one near us (yet). Just when we were running out of our Trader Joe’s Crushed Garlic…I received one in my package! It was perfect timing. The flavor is amazing and it’s really convenient when I don’t have time (or patience) to chop garlic.

Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce – I am familiar with this as my SIL is from Cincinnati and we cannot wait to use it this summer on the grill! This BBQ sauce packs a lot of flavor.

My Foodie Penpal also sent me a recipe for her favorite pasta dish and included garlic basil linguine, pesto, sundried tomatoes and Italian mini-toasts. I cannot wait to make our Italian night in dinner. 🙂

The entire package was a dream come true, but the brownie hasn’t left my mind since!

I’m so glad Anne liked my box and I hope my next Foodie Penpal enjoys it as much!  I guess I need to go shopping now…


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