Birthdays, Berries, and Babies

Birthday parties, especially baby birthday parties, are so much fun!  I think my favorite part is seeing one-year-olds tasting sweets for the first time.  One of Jeff’s friends from high school has a little girl who will be one later this month.  They decided to have her birthday party this past Saturday and invited us over.

They made burgers and hot dogs, had chips, fruit, various salads, and cupcakes along with the little one’s birthday smash cake as well.  We took Jake and let him interact with the birthday girl and one other little boy who was about 9 months old.  I think he really liked watching the other two.

After little miss had her fill (well…almost…she could have kept going!) of birthday goodness, we were all sitting around on the carpet talking.  I sat Jake in front of me and let go, not thinking.  I fully expected him to topple over as is customary, but he just sat there for a little bit.  He was bent over, but he didn’t lean side to side at all!  I think we might have achieved another milestone today!

(Not the best quality picture but oh well…)

The birthday girl’s mom gave the little boys gift bags for attending (how cute!) so Jake scored some little puffs and finger foods.  We can’t wait to try them later this month after he starts eating real food!  Soon after presents were over, Jake started getting tired and fussy, plus I had another engagement, so we packed up and went home.

For the first time in…oh…probably six years, I had the weekend of the Troy Strawberry Festival OFF!  My sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to head up there and I was able to say yes!  Originally we had planned to take Jake, but Jeff offered to watch him and I took him up on it.  Truth be told, I was a little hesitant of maneuvering Jake around a crowd like that.  I am not the calmest person when it comes to crowds.

We left home around 2P and got to Troy within 45 minutes or so, dodging two near death accidents on the way.  OK, maybe not near death, but we definitely were paying more attention to others than they were to us!  I guess our luck paid off when we found a parking spot less than a block from the festival!

The three of us (me, my SIL, and our other friend) slowly meandered down the aisles of the festival, checking out the different booths and food options.  I hadn’t eaten a whole ton of food at the birthday party and was still pretty hungry.  I wanted something savory, but opted for the strawberry shortcake because the only stand I had seen was at the end of the line and I figured we wouldn’t have the option to get it again once we made our way back to the front.

It was pretty good, though the strawberries weren’t as sweet as some of the ones I had gotten at Dorothy Lane a few weeks ago.  It was still yummy.

We kept walking, stopping at a couple booths to look at the handmade gifts before coming upon a very intriguing booth.


Wine frappe.  In other words, fun slushy for adults!  They had samples so we all tried the strawberry daiquiri and the pomegranate flavors.

They. Were. Delicious.

I ended up buying the pomegranate and cranberry acai flavors.  Heads up, Peggy, we will be trying these in September when you come.  If I can wait that long.

After searching for the chocolate dipped strawberries and striking out, we decided to head home, making a quick stop at Trader Joes.
We needed wine…

Once home, I played with Jake till he fell asleep then threw together some grilled chicken and single serve loaded baked potatoes (recipe to come).  It was a great, fun-filled day, but man, was I beat!

(“Strawberry” fountain in the square)

Sunday, Jake, Jeff, and I had a playdate with fellow blogger Joanna and her family.  We went over around 12:30p and spent a few hours talking and playing with our little ones.  She was lovely enough to cook us lunch.  We dined on jerk chicken, broccoli rice, roasted asparagus, watermelon, and almond flour donuts.  Everything was delicious!

The babies spent lunch napping (how about that?) and even though her crazy dog “The Destroyer” was barking up a storm, neither boy woke up.  They must really have needed some sleep!

After lunch, Jake woke and spent a bit of time making funny faces at The Husband.

After a bit, we decided it was time to go, packed up our stuff, and headed home.  Jake ended up going to bed around 5p and didn’t wake up until 10:30p for a quick but hefty feeding (9 ounces!) and then immediately went back to bed.  Jeff and I took advantage of this time to sit outside on our gorgeous patio, drink Skinnygirl margaritas, and enjoy each others company.

It was a great weekend and made me appreciate the time I got to spend with both boys.  I hope I get to spend more weekends with them in the future!


4 thoughts on “Birthdays, Berries, and Babies

  1. Does anybody else find it odd that my husband comments on all my favorite blogs before I do?? We had fun too! Sorry we didn’t give you a tour of the house – we just refinished the basement last year after all 😉

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