Foodie Penpal Swap

A while ago, I was reading a post on Joanna’s blog about her being a Foodie Penpal.  What?  What is this?  Further investigation was a must.  Turns out, every month a blogger (Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean) organizes a swap between foodies.  Basically, you sign up and on the 5th of the month she sends out a list that tells you who your foodie penpal is.  Someone else on the list receives your name so you not only give a box, but you get a box in return.  The fun part is your giving penpal isn’t the same person as the receiving one!

After you receive your name, you are then required to purchase foodie items totaling around $15 and mail out the box no later than the 15th.  Then, on the last day of the month, you blog about it (if you have a blog).  It seemed like a ton of fun, so I immediately signed up.

On the 5th, I received an email from Lindsay with a spreadsheet telling us whom we got.  My penpal’s name was Anne so I emailed her to see if she had any food allergies, likes, dislikes, etc.  I received a similar email from my other penpal, Lauren.  After a few communicative emails back and forth between these ladies, I was set.  I, like the true procrastinator I am, waited until the last possible minute to go pick up the items I wanted to send (though I had been thinking about them for a while).  I got them in the mail in time, but it was really down to the wire!

A few days after, I received a package in the mail.  I was on my way to work when I looked at the front porch and saw my box sitting on the stoop.  I threw my car in park and ran, giddy like a school girl, up the walk.  I threw my box in the car with me and took it to work.  I couldn’t wait to open it.  Once at work, my manager (who is a food lover too) and I tore it open.  Tons of goodies spilled out.  After looking at everything, I loaded it all back up in the box.  I wanted to spend a little more time inspecting later at home.

The first thing I noticed was vegan jerky.  Now, I love real jerky, but vegan jerky?  Not so sure about that.  I read the note Lauren enclosed and she said she basically just threw it in for fun!  She was too scared to try it herself.  One of my coworkers and I attempted it, but neither of us were fans.  I forgot to include it in the picture above, but this is what it looked like:

The next thing I tried was the apple chips.  Notice the big notch in the side of the bag?  These were yummy!  I wish they were a bit crunchier, but the flavor was great.

I also popped in the gummy vitamin.  A little known fact about me is that I used to not be able to swallow pills.  I took liquid Tylenol for the longest time because I couldn’t gag anything else down.  I’m cured now, but taking gummy vitamins is a nice option.  Plus, it’s fun!  I still have a hard time remembering to take pills, so having them in gummy form might make it a little easier to remember (because who doesn’t like a gummy?).  I might have to pick some of these little gems up!

A few days later, I took one of the Justin’s Almond Butters to work with me as an add in to my oatmeal.  (Yes, I am a food blogger which means I must love oatmeal!)  I have had Justin’s several times in the past and loved how convenient these little packs were.  She included both the traditional and chocolate flavors.  Delicious!

Finally, the other day I was craving chocolate.  I didn’t think I had any but decided to look in the pantry just in case.  Low and behold, I saw the Orange Peel Chocolate bar she gave me.  Yay!  Lauren saves the day!

I haven’t tried everything in the box, but what I have tried I’ve liked for the most part.  I’m looking forward to the teas and local honey, but I haven’t been in the mood for tea lately.  Maybe later this week when our 70º cold front comes through!  Thanks for the great loot, Lauren!

I will say she was a sweetheart for remembering baby Jacob.  He will be starting solids soon and I’m sure will love the pouches she tucked in!  What a lovely girl!

If you are interested in participating in the Foodie Penpal box swap, click here and sign up.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join!  It’s fun and a great way to make new friends from around the country.

10 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Swap

  1. How fun! Those baby food pouches are perfect for the diaper bag. I still carry one around with me just in case we can’t get somewhere that has nutritious food for A. (Now instead of squeezing it onto a spoon she just sucks it down!) Anyway, I loved making my own baby food but its not always convenient when you’re out and about to carry frozen cubes of food around. So the Plum brand was the one that we used because it is the healthiest out there:) Enjoy your food basket!

    • I love getting advice from mamas. I’m still nervous about starting solids, though I’m sure it will be like everything else and I’ll understand in no time flat!

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