17 New Things to Remember

Jake just turned 5 months old!  A while back, I wrote a post about 10 things I wanted to remember about Jake at that time.  Today I realized there are several new things I want to remember about him at this age.

1.  He dream smiles. After he’s done eating and we are holding him as he drifts peacefully off to sleep, he usually gets a little smirk on his face.  I believe this is the moment he crosses over into dreamland.  It’s so sweet to see him smiling in his sleep.  It’s also a good timing indicator; I know when I see this dream smile, he is out and I can put him back in his crib.

2.  Has developed a deep love for his thumb.  Oh, man, do we have a thumb sucker.  He really isn’t a huge pacifier lover, but take his thumb away from him and he will go nuts!  I hope this isn’t an issue down the road…

3.  Thinks one of the best things in life is standing on Mommy and Daddy.  He loves, loves, loves for us to hold him on our lap while he stands on our legs.  He also loves it when we are laying on the ground and he stands on our belly.  I believe he thinks he’s the king of the world!

4.  Loves playing airplane.  We lay on the ground and hold his ribcage.  Then we lift him waaaaaay above our bodies and he laughs and laughs.  Well, not vocally, but you can see in his face he loves it.  It’s really the cutest thing.

5.  Has a best friend.  Any time I need to put ointment on his head or lotion on his back, I lay him on his stomach on the newborn lounger facing the mirror.  He sees his reflection and immediately starts smiling and carrying on. It’s adorable.

6.  Smiles 95% of the time.  He only cries when he’s tired or very, very hungry.  We are so blessed!

7.  Does not like to be “primped”.  He absolutely hates for his nose to be wiped or picked.  Yes, I pick my son’s nose because I hate seeing bats in his cave.  Is this weird?  He also doesn’t care for lotion to be applied to him, but dude has some dry spots we are trying to treat.

8.  Loves grabbing faces and sucking on our hands.  He will grab our cheeks, our noses, our eyes, basically anything he can reach.  He loves to explore everything and our faces are one of the things he sees most often.  I’m glad he’s so curious!  He also loves to stick our hands in his mouth…like his own hand isn’t good enough!

9.  Prefers to be pantless.  When he gets to go sans pantaloons, he moves his legs up and down with fury!  I think he likes to feel the air against his skin.

10.  Developed a deep love for the Baby Bjorn.  I believe it’s because there is a built in chew toy right at mouth level!  It allows me to do chores or get ready (I’m a pro at putting makeup on without getting anything on him) while still entertaining him.

11.  Has the eternal itchies.  I think he has a rash or something like that on his head, face, body that doesn’t seem to want to go away!  It might just be dry skin or maybe something having to do with hair growth? Since he rolled over a while back, we decided to stop swaddling him.  The main reason we were swaddling him in the first place was to prevent any more scratching of his head.  Now I just try to keep his nails clipped and his head moisturized and treated.  That’s really all we can do.

12.  Little Mr. Jacob the Explorer.  The ladies at daycare told us a few weeks ago that Jacob is easy.  He just sits and observes all the things going on around him.  That’s really true!  This morning he was getting fussy.  Jeff went outside to mow the lawn so I thought I’d sit outside with him.  He was instantaneously quiet.  He just watched Daddy walk up and down and up and down the yard with the mower!

13.  Fingers are just as much fun to suck on as bottles.  Today when I was feeding the little guy, he kept trying to stick his fingers in his mouth along with the bottle!  I would remove his fingers and he would stick them in his mouth again.

14.  Just can’t get it in his mouth!  He has a favorite toy, this multicolored ball, that is very easy for him to hold.  Unfortunately, he wants to put it in his mouth but, being as the ball is a cylindrical shape, it just doesn’t fit.  He tries and tries and tries, but ultimately fails.  Poor little guy!

15.  Raspberries!  Jake’s newest trick is blowing raspberries.  He loves to do this!  I sometimes blow them back at him and his eyes get real wide and then he laughs and laughs (in his own little inaudible way)!  It is so cute!

16.  He can sleep on his belly!  A few weeks ago, Jake rolled over.  I have been saying since he was a wee lad that he wants to sleep on his stomach (like his mama I might add).  I was right.  Since rolling over, he has slept on his stomach at least 50% of the time if not more.  Just tonight, Jeff showed me the monitor.  On it, Jacob was not only sleeping on his belly, but his little booty was up in the air!  Love that!

17.  He found his feet and doesn’t want to let go.  Babies are so curious and they love to explore everything, including what’s at the end of their legs.  Jake can almost put his feet in his mouth!

We are so very blessed to have little Jake in our lives.  He got exponentially easier to handle once he hit 4 months.  He seems more like a little person than a creature that we might break.  He is so much fun, loves life, and has a blast with Mom and Dad.  Jeff and I both agree that he gets easier and more fun the older he gets.  I love every day more than the last!


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    • For some reason I keep thinking of that guy on American Idol singing “pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground!”. That COULD get awkward! 🙂

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