Four Month Recap

This post is about 10 days late, but if you read my last post, you’ll understand why.  Honestly, one other reason I haven’t written this post is because there’s simply not too much to write about!  In the past month, Jake hasn’t really done anything that different, but he is a completely different baby.  Does that make sense?

I think about it as him being more refined I guess.  He’s not doing anything really that different, but he has gotten better at doing what he does.  For example, he was able to sit in his jumper last month, but got tired of it quickly and had to be picked up again soon after being placed in it.  Now, we can put him in the jumper and he will play by himself for several minutes before letting us know he’s ready to move on to the next game.  He seems generally more content than before as well.  He loves watching us and standing on our legs.  When we get him up in the morning, he is usually all smiles, which I LOVE.  He *knock on wood* is a great, happy baby.  We are so blessed!

That being said, in his Three Month Recap, I talked about all the new experiences Jake had and all the milestones he’d achieved like being able to hold his own head up, thus able to sit by himself in the bumbo.  Maybe it’s me being an unobservant mama, but he doesn’t seem to have done as much new stuff this past month.

I feel like I work a lot and miss out on a lot of time with Jake.  It’s hard to find a balance between work and family time when you have a retail job and work odd hours including many nights and weekends.  I try to remember that is the quality of time I spend with Jake and not the quantity of time, but sometimes that’s hard to remember.

Here are a few things that I know the little guy did last month:

March 9:  Went “flying” with Daddy

March 9:  Made a new friend

March 10-11:  Took my first road trip to Cleveland for Grandma N’s birthday

March 11:  Laughed for the first (and only) time

March 18:  Celebrated Cousin K’s birthday at the bowling alley

March 23:  Visited Mom’s work and then participated in our second ever MeetUp event.  Then Daddy and I learned a new game! (No babies were harmed in the playing of this game…)

March 25:  Nearly outgrown my 3 month clothes.  Had to stock up on some 6 month clothes.

March 30:  Mom can’t quit taking pictures of my feet…

April 1:  Got my first bout of a stomach bug (we think) and took a (short and constantly monitored) nap in Mommy & Daddy’s bed

April 2:  Got my four month shots (and handled them like a champ again!)  Daddy took me this time.

April 3:  Started growing more hair!

April 7:  Getting better at grabbing toys!

I’m trying to keep up on these monthly posts because I know how important they will be to me once he gets older.  I’m hoping, if I don’t post any other blog posts, that these monthly recaps will still be consistent.  I have started a calendar on Google Calendars to help me keep track of all the new things Jake does.

I’m starting to feel more like myself and hopefully with that I will begin to blog more often.  It’s all about balance.


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