A Step Back

Hello, lovely readers. You may have noticed I’ve been absent for the past few weeks. I could say I’ve been out galavanting, on a whirlwind trip across the world, or spending time cuddling my little bundle of goodness.


That’s partly true but the real truth is that…gasp…I’m having a hard time juggling everything. Between work, Jake, Jeff, and all the chores that need to be done, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Even cooking has taken a major hit lately, which you all know I love to do.

I find my eyelids drooping around 7:30p, right after Jake is tucked away in bed. Of course, I then have to clean bottles, prepare bottles, clean the kitchen, do laundry, oh and find some time to relax!

So basically I’m taking a step back. I pretty much already have as I haven’t posted a new blog post in weeks. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m ok, but I’m exhausted. I hope to pop up sporadically once in a while with a neat tip, a baby Jake update, or a yummy recipe, but by no means will it be every day or even every week. Think of my posts as RAEs: random acts of entertainment.

I’m hoping my break is short and sweet, but I’m not going to rush things either. I’m going to spend time focusing on my men. I’m stopping to smell the roses. And they are starting to smell very sweet.



2 thoughts on “A Step Back

  1. I was starting to wonder………but good for you! Those two guys are most important!!
    I stay at home and I have a hard time keeping up with things sometime. So I totally understand!

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