Three Month Recap

Jake is three months old today! I just can’t believe it! He’s getting so big and showing so many signs of growing up I just can’t stand it. Here’s a look back at the last month:

2/1: We took our first walk around the block. It was unseasonably warm and I just couldn’t resist breaking out the stroller. I look forward to taking him on many more walks in the coming months. *So this was technically during his second month, but he’s just so darn cute I couldn’t resist including it!

2/8: Jacob had his two month checkup and he did fabulously! He was 23 inches long, 12.1 pounds, and in the 50th percentile in both height and weight. He cried a little when he got his shots, but as soon as mama picked him up, he stopped and snuggled in for some love. I hate seeing my baby in pain but I love that I can make him feel better!

2/10: A few days later, he got to meet Jeff’s dad and his dad’s girlfriend. They live in Connecticut and came down to meet Jake and his cousins. He also started smiling a lot more this weekend.

2/14: We celebrated Valentine’s day today as well as Grandma P’s birthday! Jake gave us a little photo of himself he made with the ladies at day care.

2/16: Jake’s whole class at daycare got a cold. Most of the babies actually developed RSV, but luckily Jake didn’t. He did develop a cough, which resulted in him having some congestion in his chest. One day, he started gagging on it and we picked him up from day care and took him to Urgent Care. The doctor said one of the reasons Jake didn’t get RSV may have been due to being breastfed. Yay for mama’s milk!

2/18: I was working on tummy time with Jake one morning. I decided to put him on the boppy to see if he liked using it any better than being flat on the floor. This is what happened:

2/20: We talk to Jake all the time, like most parents. Jeff was talking to him one day and caught this on video!

2/25: Because he is able to hold his head up, we are able to use the bumbo

and his bouncer! Technically he’s not supposed to use his bouncer for another month, but we never leave him unattended. I think he’ll be OK. 🙂

2/29: Jake loves bath time and before every bath, I lay him on his tummy facing the mirror while I get the bathroom ready for him. He was being so incredibly cute one day, I snapped a few pictures. What a sweetie! He loves to face the mirror and “talk” with his friend who looks just like him!

3/1: On this day, Jake convinced me we needed to make some new mom and baby friends. I ended up attending a Meetup event where I met a blog reader and several other moms! We look forward to attending more meetups in the future.

3/3: This past weekend, both Jeff and I got sick with the stomach flu. We wore masks around the house and washed our hands incessantly so hopefully Jake didn’t get it. I think we succeeded in preventing the spreading of the illness but it was touch and go there for a while!

3/3: One good thing that came out of spending so much time with Jake this weekend was holding “conversations” with him. I mustered all my energy into keeping Jake entertained. I would play with him for a little bit, then collapse for a while to try to recharge my batteries. He was such a good baby, playing by himself for some of the time to let Mommy and Daddy rest!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our walk down memory lane this month. This is something I’m hoping to keep up with in the future!

As always, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with all Jake’s videos, as well as my Facebook page. Hope you have a fabulous day!

Question: What did your little one do in the fourth month of his or her life that I should look forward to?

8 thoughts on “Three Month Recap

    • I’m thinking rolling is definitely coming. He wants desperately to sleep on his tummy I think. Soon enough, little boy!

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    • All the babies at daycare sit unassisted except for jake. He ends up spending most of his time in the chair watching. It’ll be great when he gets to interact regularly too.

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    • I thought you’d like that! I’m thinking it will be a great asset when Jeff and I are older to be able to have a recap of each month. 🙂 Love you!

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