Who Am I?

If you talk to most people who know me, they will say I tend to have expensive tastes.  I can walk into a store and, without looking at price tags, pick out the most expensive item in the room.  I inevitably fall in love with said item and find it hard to convince myself to purchase something less expensive.  I often times opt to not purchase anything at all if I can’t have exactly the item I want.

Not only do I usually pick out the most expensive items, I almost always get things brand new.  Not because I’m opposed to hand me downs (in fact, I had a lot of those growing up), but because more often than not I want specific items that no one else has.  That or I’m too shy to ask for hand outs.

I realize this does not put me in a good light.  I accept that about myself and move on.  Sometimes you can’t change…

Anyhow, one day, when my mom was visiting, we passed a consignment store on the way to Bath and Body Works.  She asked me if I’d ever been in there and I looked at her in disgust.  Jake wear anything that wasn’t brand new?  Well, that was just unheard of!  She rolled her eyes and led me into the store.

I apprehensively started poking my head around the store.  I started off by looking at the books.  Pretty decent selection for relatively cheap.  Not bad, not bad.  Let’s keep going.

I passed rows and rows of toys and board games.  Interesting…both those things can be expensive especially when kids play with them a handful of times and then they get discarded like yesterday’s new.

Then we got to the clothes.  It was like a shroud lifted from around my head.  I finally saw the light!  Why pay $10 for a new sleeper when you could get the same thing (albeit lightly worn) for $2.50?  $20 for an outfit for my little man?  Please…try $5 bucks!  What about short sleeved onesies for him to roam around the house in during the warmer months?  $5-7 each?  Nope…ONE DOLLAR.  ONE!

I was sold.  That day I picked a few items up and took them home to Jeff.  I figured he would say he didn’t want his little boy to wear clothes other kids had worn, but he said, “That’s great!  Just wash them first.”  (He’s so funny.)

Since that day, I have visited the same store a few times.  Each time they have new stuff, so I try to go every few weeks just to look.  I have found some pretty cute things I must say!

Then, Abby posted a blog about a huge sale she volunteered at where she lives.  She talked about all the great purchases she and her husband made at the sale.  She also talked about how being a volunteer not only let her see all the items that were up for grabs, but let her in early to shop before all the other people.  What a great idea!  I asked her how she found these sales and she gave me some tips.  I googled consignment sales in my area and found a Facebook page about it.  Low and behold, they were looking for volunteers to work the sale!  Bada bing, bada boom!  I currently have an email out to the group asking for more information.

I’ll keep you posted…

I’m so excited.  That is all.



4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. There are lots of sales in the area. I posted them all on the Meetup site last week. All of the events are in yellow. And they have all the info on time, cost of admission, cards they take, etc. I suggest planning on getting to the sale early (well before they open) as lines form to get in and they only let so many in at a time. Also, bring a laundry basket and pile everything you think that might look cute into it. Then when your finished find a corner and further inspect things while you are not in the crowd. Hope this helps!

    • Great tips, Gretchen. Thanks! Do you guys get a group to volunteer together? The one I was looking at accepts volunteers to set up, but then the volunteers get first crack at the goods before the crowds. I’m thinking of doing it!

  2. Awesome!! You’ll be hooked! And the great thing is that the sales are twice a year so you can constantly by new clothes/toys when they grow out of them! I hope you get some great stuff!

    • To be honest I’m a little nervous after reading Jonathan’s comparison to black friday deals. I am not a fan of crowds. I figure maybe I’ll try it and if I don’t like it I won’t do it again.

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