My Interest in Pinterest

If you are online even a little bit, chances are you’ve heard of this little website called “Pinterest“.  It’s a virtual pinboard for all the things you come across online that you like, are interested in, or want to remember.  For me, it’s a great place to store all the neat ideas I read about from my bloggers I follow.

I typically read my blogs through Google Reader and when I come across something I want to try, I star the blog post.  It then moves into a folder called “Starred Items”.  Once every few months or so, I’ll go through the folder and look at the starred items.  More often than not, I can’t remember why I starred the post in the first place!  Pinterest takes the guesswork out of this method.  Instead of starring the post, I can “pin” the picture I want to remember to one of my virtual pinboards.  Then when I’m on the website I have snapshots of things I have found interesting in the past.

For example, if I’m looking for a yummy treat to make, I would navigate to my “Sweetness” board and see this:

When you click on one of the pictures, it takes you to the page on pinterest.  One additional click will take you to the webpage you can find the item in question.  Genius!  You can also keep track of items you see while online shopping that you are interested in buying!  So many options at your fingertips!

Here are some of my favorite pins since joining Pinterest:

Obviously, seeing as I follow primarily food blogs, most of my boards will be full of food images, but as you can see there are no limits to the kinds of things you can pin!  One of my friends has kids and is constantly pinning things to do with her children.  My sister has very eclectic tastes and has boards covering everything from inspiration to travel to stylish things.   Carolyn and I have very similar tastes so I feel like I copy her quite often by repinning things she has found an interest in.

That’s the other great thing about Pinterest…you can share your interests with friends and family!  They can follow you and see what you like.  In my opinion, this tells you a lot about a person.  Plus it may just make buying that one of a kind Christmas present that much easier!

The one downside?  You have to be invited to use it.  Luckily, I’m here to help!  If you’re wanting to join, let me know!  I’ll gladly send you an invite.  If you’re already a member and would like to follow my boards, click on the red “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on the left side of my blog.  I love sharing and would love to see what you’re “Pinterested” in too!


14 thoughts on “My Interest in Pinterest

    • It’s amazing! I think my favorite thing I have found a new interest in is clothes! I have never been what you might call “fashion forward”…I’m more of a jeans and tshirt girl. But lately I have been finding new ways to dress up said jeans and tshirt. Love it!

  1. Hi B! (Im going to call you B). Awesome post. I cant believe I only came across Pinterest today. AND YOUR EVEN OFFERING INVITES?? I would love love it so much if you could send one. Your recipes are amazing, just stumbled across a few. Will be stealing thank you!

  2. I would absolutely love to follow you on Pinterest, Bethany! I’ve been waiting on an invite from the site for WEEKS. Why are you so sweet, seriously? Would love if you could drop one my way at

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