Week 26

How Far Along:  26 weeks

Size of Baby:  Peanut is measuring about 1.67 pounds and is roughly 14 inches.  That’s over a foot long!  We’ve gone from measuring head to rump to head to foot, so that’s why he seems so much bigger now.  He’s still a little bitty guy though.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Yikes.  When I went to the doctor on Thursday, I was at 24.2 pounds gained.  No good!  But, you know what?  I’m not eating tons of crap, so honestly I’m not too worried about weight gain.  Yes, I’d like to slow it down a little, but in reality my body is going to gain what it wants.  I have been beating myself up over gaining weight for the past four weeks (since my doctor told me I needed to start watching it).  I have really been stressing and making myself upset, which is not good for the baby.  I would rather be calm and less stressed and up a few more pounds that I originally planned than torture myself.  It will all work out.  I may just have to work extra hard afterwards!

Maternity Clothes:  I’m really finding my groove when it comes to maternity clothes.  I hate that they design maternity clothes to essentially hide the belly behind a big tent of fabric sometimes, so when I look for clothes now I focus more on side ruching and less on empire waists.  I want to embrace the belly, not hide it.  I have begun to get a couple “Aww, she’s pregnant!” looks and have had people tell me at work that I’m really looking pregnant now.  Jeff points out how big the belly is nearly every day.  🙂

Gender:  Girl!  (Ha!  Gotcha…he’s a boy!)

Movement:  TONS OF MOVEMENT!  I love when my little man kicks me good morning each day.  He has really been squirming around lately.  It constantly reassures me when he wiggles around.  He’s saying “I’m OK in here, Mom!”  Last night, Jeff actually saw the baby move.  He just saw my belly jump, but he got excited just the same. 

Food Cravings:  You know, I really don’t have any strong cravings.  I did, however, explode a can of beer at work yesterday and instantly wanted a cold one, even though I’m not really a beer drinker.  Today is the first day in a while it’s actually kind of chilly here, which makes me want soups and stews, but that has less to do with pregnancy and more to do with the weather.  In any case, I’m thinking a big pot of Taco Soup would be a great thing to put on the stove today.

What I Miss:  As I said above, I really wanted a beer yesterday, so I guess I’m missing alcohol.  Not all the time (hardly ever really) but I do like to indulge every so often, so not being able to is sometimes hard.  Other than that, I don’t miss too much.

Sleep:  Sleep is still going great.  I mean, my back hurts and I am waking up more and more to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (up to 1-2 times a night now), but all in all it’s great.  I asked my doctor about taking Tylenol every day and he said that was perfectly fine.  Some nights I remember to take it, other nights I think I don’t need it and then wake up hurting around 3 or 4a.  It’s liveable though so I don’t worry about it too much.

Symptoms:  I touched on the back thing already, so I’ll mention my ear.  I honestly think I self diagnosed my ear problem!  I don’t care if people think I’m crazy (I have told my water/ear theory to a few people including the pharmacists at my work and they all look at me with a “sure…crazy lady” look on their faces), I have tested my theory and it pans out every time!

For example, I have this water bottle I fill with ice water before going to work.  It holds approximately 1 liter of water, which honestly isn’t THAT much, but it is more than I was drinking before trying my experiment.  If I drink that whole bottle, my ear is fine the next day.  If I drink less than 2/3 of the bottle, my ear will be clogged either the next day or the day after that.  It makes sense and I am sticking to it.  I try to drink more water than that even, but it is hard to do at work.  I am constantly on the move and not thinking about water most of the time.

Best Moment This Week:  Deciding on all kinds of things!  I like to make decisions and have a plan, so prior to this week I have been somewhat panicky about not having a day care, baby furniture, or paint colors for the room.  Today, I have 2/3 of those decisions made!  We also registered last Sunday, which was another thing I was really wanting to check off my to do list!  Moving right along, I’d say!

After a few weeks of visiting various day cares in the area, I decided on one near us.  I was very excited about the place and as soon as I walked in, I felt comfortable.  One of the big bonuses for this place is they have TV monitoring in all their classrooms that are accessible from the internet (with login and password of course).  This means I can check in on Peanut when he’s playing away from home!  It also means grandparents can do the same!  How cool is that?  They have separate playgrounds for the different age groups and the onsite cafeteria serves wholesome, healthy meals!  Being a cook and into nutrition, this was a big criterion on my list.  I didn’t want my child being served a bunch of processed crap and the place we chose uses fresh food as much as possible!  Plus Jeff gets a discount through work!  Bonus points!

The other thing I decided on was baby furniture.  I had originally found furniture I liked at Babies R Us, but was given the suggestion of going to actual furniture stores to see if they had anything else I might like better.  I ended up visiting three different furniture stores and finding things that were OK, but not as nice as the items I picked out first, and most of the time more expensive as well.  After a lot of thinking and talking with Jeff, we decided the originally furniture was the best decision!  I love it.  It’s so pretty!  I can’t wait to get it set up in the room!

Paint colors were the last things on my list and last night we made our first step to choosing them.  We went to Lowes and picked up several shades of blue.  Jeff is adamant that we paint Peanut’s room blue so, since it’s something that can be very easily changed down the road, I agreed.  I have been guiding him in the direction of greens, yellows, and browns when we pick out things for the baby just in case we have a second one down the road who ends up being a girl.  I am trying to think logically, which normally he has no problem with.  I think he’s just really excited to have a boy and wants everyone in the whole world to know it in advance.  😛  So yesterday we picked up paint samples and today I will be hanging them on the wall in the nursery to see which works best for us.  I am hoping to paint next week during my mini vacation.  Wish me luck!

What I Am Looking Forward To:  I am looking forward to seeing the nursery come together.  It will be a while still as our furniture is on back order and I won’t have the room painted for another week or so, but it will happen.  Going to all these childbirth classes have me picturing my little guy in my arms for the first time and I usually get all weepy and emotional when I do that.  (The classes have me not looking forward to childbirth, however!  Each week I leave more nervous and scared than I did before arriving!)

Any Fun Gifts/Purchases Received/Made:  Wow!  Where to start!  So many things have arrived on my doorstep in the past week.  Peanut received some receiving blankets and a sleep sack from his Great Aunt, while Mom and Dad received their diaper bag!  Thanks, Aunt A!

Grandma Peggy sent me a book (“Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul”) in the mail as a little surprise, which had me tearing up in the bath tub last night.  Finally, Grandma T (Jeff’s mom) ordered us a very comfy glider and ottoman for the baby’s room! Thanks, grandmas!

Jeff and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, giving family members!  We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity.

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!


5 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. I cut off sodas completely. I missed Dr. Pepper so much! It was a feature at my cousins wedding (bride & groom loves it too) a couple months into the pregnancy, and I had to have a sip of Aaron’s. I still remember how much I enjoyed it!:)

    We went with some shade like Baby Bootie Blue for James’s room.

    • Yeah, at first I tried to cut off all types of caffeine including my beloved coffee, but soon realized my body hated me for it, so I drink the recommended amount every day. Most days I don’t even have that much! I’m ready to have my first real glass of wine though. 🙂

    • I am staying off the ladder, but it’s hard since I’m in charge of setting Halloween and most of the stuff I need is on top of the middle bay! It’s supposed to be in the 70s/80s next week so my goal is to have the windows open and the fan on. I’m so excited to see the room a different color!

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