Patio in Pictures

I know many of you have been waiting a looooooooooong time for these pictures.  Jeff has spent many, many hours on this patio and, I must say, it really paid off!  We absolutely love sitting on the patio in the evening talking and enjoying the surroundings.  I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Love this! 


4 thoughts on “Patio in Pictures

  1. I so enjoyed my time with you, Jeff and Peanut on the patio. You guys did a GREAT job. Looking forward to many more quiet evenings and delicious dinners on the Desjarlais Patio.

    Love and HUGS
    Peanut’s Grandma Peggy

  2. I love your patio. Where did you get the arch/shelter for your grill? I just finished building Brian’s patio and we finally got the grill together (it is one of those duo grills with both gas and charcoal). Now he wants an arch thingy like yours.

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