Week 24

How Far Along:  24 weeks

Size of Baby:  Peanut is up about 4 ounces over last week but lengthwise is still around a foot.  He went from being mango like to being corn on the cob like.  (Yum!)  He’s a little bit longer and a lean, mean, growing machine!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I am up 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I still blame water weight though.  😉

Maternity Clothes:  I am pretty much 100% in maternity pants.  The only non maternity pants I wear are yoga/lounge pants, but I really don’t see myself getting into maternity pjs.  I could be eating my words though!  I did find a really cute pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy that I love!  My only complaint is they are low rise so any time I bend down they get pulled down a bit and I have to rearrange when I straighten back up.

As far as tops go, I can’t quite seem to find any cute maternity tops.  I’ll find one here and there and snatch it up, but for the most part I think maternity tops are huge, ugly, and make me look like a tent.  My mama is in town this week for a visit and we will be doing some shopping I’m sure.  My focus will be to find cute tops that I can wear through pregnancy.  The one thing I’ve found about regular tops worn as maternity tops is they can sometimes be too short since they aren’t really made to accommodate the belly.  I really can’t wait until fall so I can wear sweaters!  Love!

Gender:  We’re having a penis…err…peanut!  We found out three weeks ago and are over the moon about it.

Movement:  I feel like I should copy and past my paragraph from last week here!  The same things are going on inside my belly…a little twitch here, a little twitch there.  I’m planning on talking to the doc next time I’m at my appointment to see if this is normal or if I should be concerned I haven’t felt more movement yet.

Food Cravings:  Nope…nothing new here either!  Still loving the fruit!  I have decided to be a rebel and start eating ham sandwiches again.  I cook the heck out of the meat before making my sandwich though, but I tell ya, a ham sandwich has never tasted so good!  It’s almost like a comfort food for me.

What I Miss:  I miss being able to wear my old clothes!  I only have a couple pair of shorts I can wear (and they are actually the same exact shorts in the same color!).  I have searched high and low for cute shorts in the length I like (around 7″), but seeing as that length isn’t very common I am having a difficult time.  Let’s be honest though…before I was pregnant I had a hard time finding shorts as well!  Why are most shorts 5″ or shorter?  I don’t look good in that length, people!

Sleep:  Sleep!  Sleep has changed slightly this week.  I have self-diagnosed my back pain.  I believe it is due to…get this…my pregnancy pillow! Odd…on the last post I raved about it!  I still really like the concept of the pillow, but I fear it’s part of the back problem…

If you’ll remember, my pillow is U shaped.  I sleep with my head on the curved part, which allows me to turn to either side while sleeping and still have a body pillow with which to cuddle.  I believe the curved part is too firm for me, resulting in my head being propped up higher than it is normally.  I did an experiment where I used my old pillows and it worked out OK, though for some reason I didn’t sleep as soundly.  It could have been a fluke where I would have slept poorly anyways or it could be because of the pillows.  I honestly have no idea.  I’ll keep playing around with it and try to figure it out.  I may have to get a regular body pillow in the future.

I did try laying on my stomach a little bit this week and I actually did not feel that uncomfortable!  I don’t make a habit of this, but it’s nice to know I have options!

(Look ma!  No hands required to hold my shirt up anymore!)

Symptoms:  My ear, my ear, my ear!  Geez!  After writing about the disappearance act my clogging played last Friday, it came back with a vengeance on Monday or Tuesday.  I tried Auro Dry (a product used for swimmer’s ear) and the day I used it, it helped.  The next day, however, the product was unsuccessful.  I have bugged my pharmacists enough by know they suggested I go to my family doctor, so I did.  She told me there was a name for it, but I can’t remember what she said.  Basically, pregnant women get more congested, which causes more clogging of things.  In my case, I am actually lucky it’s just my ears (in my opinion)!  I HATE having a clogged nose, so I really am counting my stars that Peanut clogged my ears instead of my nose.  Anyhow, she said the tube that connects the ear to the throat gets clogged so it feels like I need to pop my ear (exactly right!).  She prescribed me some nasal spray that I am to use every day and hopefully after a few weeks I should start noticing a difference.

One self diagnostic thing I decided was I was not drinking enough water.  Obviously the body needs water to lubricate everything and keep everything running and I, being the bad preggo lady, am definitely not drinking enough water.  I am trying to keep a big glass of water near me at all times and drink as much as I can throughout the day.  It actually seems to help.  The past few days I have had less problems with my ears, though last night it jumped from my left ear to my right.  We’ll see how this nasal spray/water drinking solution goes.  I’ll keep you posted!

Best Moment This Week:  Nothing really outstanding happened this week as far as the pregnancy goes.  My mama did come to visit though and we are leaving today to see my sister, whom I haven’t seen in several months!  I’m very excited to spend some time with these lovely ladies!

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Same as weeks past…feeling Peanut kick and having Jeff feel him kick.  I am also really looking forward to Fall.  I love Fall…the colors, the cool, crisp air, the Renaissance Festival, all kinds of things!

Any Fun Gifts/Purchases Received/Made:  Again, not really pregnancy related, but last Friday was my birthday!  I got some really great, useful gifts from my family that I have needed for a long time.  I also got the gift of literature in the form of a Kindle!  Thanks, Mom!

So, as you can tell, not a whole lot has changed from last week to this week.  As I always say no change is good enough for me.  Peanut can be sleepy and subtle in the womb is that’s what works for him.  🙂


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