Week 20

OK, so you may notice I skipped a week.  Whoops!  I totally meant to take pictures and blog about week 19, but with Carolyn visiting and a few other things going on, I kept putting it off and putting it off until it was really ridiculous to write one.  I figured I’d just write a stellar week 20 post!

I’ve decided to start using a form of sorts to keep track of different things instead of just writing what I feel like writing.  This way I’ll be able to look back on various posts and relive the experience!  (Thanks, Abby, for giving me the idea.  I was rereading your 21 week post and thought you had a great idea!)

How Far Along:  I am officially halfway at 20 weeks!

Size of Baby:  According the the source (babycenter.com), Peanut is 10.5 ounces now and is about the size of a banana.  Oddly enough, I just made banana bread without even realizing!  I’m connecting with my baby in ways I don’t even know already!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  When I weighed myself this morning, I was exactly (to the tenth of a pound) 10 pounds heavier than preconception.  Once again, according to the source this is exactly right!  I love being an overachiever…well, I guess in this case it’s just an adequate achiever.  😛

Maternity Clothes:  My favorite thing in the world to wear right now, aside from jammies, is a pair of maternity shorts I got from Old Navy.  They have an elastic waistband that hits just below my little belly, as many maternity pants do.  I do not feel comfortable almost at all in pre-pregnancy pants.  I originally bought a few pair of pants that were one size bigger than my normal size, but even those just aren’t feeling right anymore.

I am still using the ponytail holder loop trick to stretch out the life of my pants a little more and have contemplated going to get a belly band or two from Target, but sooner or later I will make the full transition to maternity pants.  I have decided, however, that I’m not a huge fan of the full panel pants.  I don’t think my belly is so big I need that extra support right now and it really just feels like a lot of extra, unnecessary fabric.  I’m sure as Peanut grows I will appreciate it more, but for now I’m kind of “eh” about it.

Maternity tops, however, are few and far between.  I am still pretty comfy in flowy, non-maternity tops, so for now I’m sticking with them.  I do have a few maternity tops in my closet for when I decide to make the switch though.  You know, just in case!

Gender:  Right now Peanut is still just a peanut.  Non-gendered.  Well, to me and Jeff anyhow.  We are impatiently waiting until next Friday for our gender revealing ultrasound.  Every day we get closer and closer, but it still feels like so far away!  As soon as I know, parents, friends, family, and Facebook will know!  It’s kind of like finding out you’re pregnant…you would love to keep the secret, but it’s so juicy you just can’t!  We will, however, be keeping the name of the baby a secret until he/she is here with us.

Movement:  Movement is a funny, fickle topic.  Everyone says it feels like something different.  I have heard it feels like gas bubbles, going over a hill in your car, food pangs, waves, butterflies, etc.  I honestly do not know if I’ve felt anything yet or not.  The other night, I was sitting on the couch and I felt a small sensation of bubbles popping.  Then, on the way home from work a few nights ago, I felt strange hunger pang sensations.  This could have been movement or it could have been hunger!  I did eat as soon as I got home, but I kept feeling…something.  It’s such a hard thing to describe and, I think until you feel it yourself, you really just can’t explain the feeling.  I will tell you, however, I am so freaking excited to feel that first real kick or punch and to share those moments with Jeff I am practically beside myself!

Food Cravings:  Sushi.  Wait, wait, wait!  Until you guys get all “you can’t eat sushi!” on me, let me reassure you I only eat 100% cooked sushi…i.e. Tempura Shrimp rolls.  YUM!  I am still loving the fruit.  In fact, as soon as Jeff gets home from work we are going to Sears to look at an upright freezer (to stock all those packages of breast milk, casseroles, and soups I plan to have on hand) and to Dorothy Lane to pick up a bunch of produce!  I am back to liking red meat, which, again according to the source is an excellent source of protein.  I really don’t eat it that often, maybe 1-2 times a week, but the fact that I have more options in my diet is exciting.  I don’t really even mind well done steak!  I obviously prefer a little moo to my meat, but for now, I’ll make the sacrifice.

What I Miss:  Hmm…I really don’t miss much of anything!  Wine, every so often, but honestly I have had a bottle of non-alcoholic wine (yes, they make that!) on my counter for about 2 months now and haven’t thought twice about opening it.

Sleep:  I was going to talk about sleep in the “What I Miss” category, but then realized there was an entire category focused on this topic.  I was going to say I don’t even miss sleep because I still sleep pretty much exactly how I did before pregnancy.  Pre-pregnancy I would sleep half on my side, half on my stomach with one leg thrown over one of my king sized pillows.  Now, I do the exact same thing, but with my Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured body pillow.

It’s a pretty comfy pillow, with two exceptions.  One, in the curve where your neck goes, the material is stretch pretty taut and sometimes it feels kind of sharp against my neck.  This can usually be manipulated a little bit so it doesn’t feel quite as hard, but it is a little uncomfortable at times.  The other thing is the feel of the material.  It is kind of a stiff fabric and not as soft as the Egyptian cotton pillowcases I am used to.  I plan to solve this problem at some point by buying a couple pillowcases on clearance, cutting the ends off, and slipping them over the pillow.  I have had this idea for a few weeks now and haven’t done it, so that tells you the original material isn’t that irritating.  🙂

Symptoms:  One huge, huge symptom I’m experiencing is back pain!  It is fine some days and HORRIBLE others!  As a retail manager, I am on my feet constantly, as well as lifting boxes and reaching above my head for items.  This results in pain in my upper back. I am getting better and better at asking for help at work with lifting.  I am such an independent person I hate asking for help, but each day I am a little more dependent on the other people I work with.  They are all very willing to move things for me.  I also am really focusing on lifting with my legs when I do have to lift anything from the floor.  By focusing on good form, I know I have alleviated some of the stress put on my back.  I am also taking a lot of breaks to sit and elevate my feet.  That’s one great thing about my furniture at home…about 95% of the time, when I’m sitting I am sitting on a reclining sofa with my feet up.  This, I have heard, helps with back pain as well.

I don’t get as much lower back pain yet, but I assume with time, and my expanding belly, I will feel it much more.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful sister-in-law who is a physical therapist and can give me tips and pointers for alleviating pain!

Best Moment This Week:  Reaching 20 weeks!  It is such a milestone!  We are halfway to meeting our little one!  Jeff and I are so excited to meet him/her we can’t really stand it!

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Absolutely 100% the biggest thing we are looking forward to is finding out the sex of our baby.  We are beside ourselves with anticipation.

Any Fun Gifts/Purchases Received/Made: The biggest thing I bought lately was the Leachco pillow, but I’m sure as soon as we find out the sex, I will be buying lots and lots of little baby things.

Hopefully this post makes up for the post I missed!  Now, I’m gonna go flop into bed with Jeff.  Husbands love pregnancy pillows too!


3 thoughts on “Week 20

  1. That pillow looks awesome!! Gender reveal this week is soo exciting!! Enjoy every second of seeing your little peanut on the screen! Thanks for the shout out:)

  2. Wow!!! Bethany, Congratulations!!! How wonderful for you and Jeff. All of God’s blessings to all of you. I will definitely check back on Friday to hear the news. I had to go back and read your mom’s week 18 comment to your post. Her ending brought a tear to my eye….” Peanut’s Grandma Sweeney….” Love that!!! Miss her so….

    Can’t wait for the next post…I will definitely be hooked now! Love you. Aunt Yvette

    • HI, AUNTIE YVETTE! I’m so glad you stumbled on to my little corner of the internet. 🙂 I can’t wait to share the news with all of you guys! Hope you’re doing well! Love you too!

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