Week 18

Hello, again.  I know I’m several days late in posting this, but I have had a very busy, somewhat stressful weekend.  Better late than never, right?

How Big is the Baby
The baby is about 5.5 inches long (about the size of a bell pepper) and about 7 ounces.  Lots of changes are occurring as they do every week, but as of yet, I haven’t felt anything.

How I’m Changing
I still feel like I’m getting bigger, but when you compare this week’s pictures to last week’s, I feel like I actually look a little smaller!  It may be because I’m wearing a navy blue t-shirt instead of a pink one.  Or I may have had a big lunch last week.  Who knows.  🙂  As I said above, I’m not feeling any other changes, but according to the doctor, I should start feeling things in another couple weeks!

How I’m Feeling
I am still feeling great (imagine that!).  I nearly feel like these posts are pointless because I don’t feel like I’m saying anything new ever!

Other News
I guess that last statement isn’t really true because I have two new pieces of news to share.  First of all, I have been posting my Weekly posts on Thursdays, because I have been thinking for the entire pregnancy that my weeks changed on Thursdays.  After a trip to the doctor last Thursday, I found out that my weeks change on Fridays actually!  So from now on (as long as I stick to the schedule) you should see the blog posts on Fridays.

My other piece of news is the most exciting!  I found out the date of my gender ultrasound!  Mark your calendars for Friday, July 29th.  We shall know if Peanut is nutty or not that day!  Jeff and I are really excited to find out and I am having a very hard time being patient but, like I told him, we will have to be patient every day for the rest of our lives after December 9th, so we may as well start now!

That’s it for this post, but in a few more days I should have a Week 19 post!  Stay tuned! And, yes, those are preggo shorts in my pictures.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Week 18

  1. nutty or not…lol.

    Did the bell pepper reference come from babycenter.com? They would do weekly comparisons to sesame seeds, blueberries, etc.

    I would get updates on Mondays, and Monday nights are when Aaron and I go grocery shopping. So I could say, our baby is as big as this now (holding up an almond, a kiwi, three navel oranges, etc.).

    • Yep, I use babycenter.com to get my measurements. I thought about going to get the produce especially to have a picture representation, but I decided against it. I do have to admit one girl I follow uses them as props and I kind of like the visual. I may have to start! 🙂

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