Week 17

Welcome back to the show!

How Big is the Baby
This week my little one is 17 weeks and babycenter.com has this to say:

Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she’s around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.

I’m introducing Peanut to my love of books by listening to audiobooks on the 30 minute drive to and from work each day. I figure those little ears need something to practice on.  Currently on the iPod:  James Patterson’s Sail.

How I’m Changing
As with last week, I can (obviously) still feel the little bump. In fact I had two coworkers tell me they noticed a little baby bump this week. Each day, multiple times in fact, I reach down to feel my growing belly almost to check and make sure it’s still there.

I have expressed to several people in the past few months that I’m still not fully believing this whole motherhood thing is happening because I still feel so NORMAL! (Yes, I am super aware of just how lucky I am.) I will definitely be thrilled to feel those first punches and somersaults if for no ore reason than to be reassured daily that Peanut is alive and (literally) kicking.

How I’m Feeling

I touched on it above, but I’m still feeling great! I have noticed I get headaches a bit more frequently, but that is more due to lack of hydration than anything else.  I try to drink as much water as I can, but lately unless I have it super ice cold, I really don’t want it.  My worst time drinking liquids of any sort is at work, so I bought a big bag of ice and plan to start bringing my huge water bottle to work with me.  If nothing else at least the palm trees on the front will make me smile!

Anything Else New
I figured out I have somewhat gotten over my dislike for beef a few days ago.  Jeff and I went to Dorothy Lane on Tuesday to pick up some food for dinner as I hadn’t gone grocery shopping like a good little wife that day.  As we stood there, looking at the massive amounts of prepared food in the cases, nothing looked appetizing to me.  I figured I just wasn’t hungry!  Then, Jeff suggested we walk by the meat case.  There, with a glorious halo around them, lay two thick, juicy porterhouse steaks.  We splurged a bit and got a couple.  I figured I would eat some that night for dinner and take the rest to work the next day for a decadent lunch.  Sixteen ounces of well-done beef (and bone) later, I sat back from the table with a “ooomph” as the porterhouse before me had disappeared.  I still have no idea how I ate that much beef in one sitting.  I had never been able to do that before pregnancy and I seem to eat less now than I did before!  At any rate, I realized then and there that I didn’t necessarily have a beef aversion, just high standards!  (Obviously I don’t plan on making a hunk of steak my dinner of choice, but once in a great while you gotta give in to baby’s cravings, right?  Next time, I’ll opt for the smaller, more aptly portioned filet or NY strip!)

Another food related tidbit:  Dorothy Lane has peaches in stock again!  I believe DLM must wait for a certain grower to declare their peaches ripe, because I have never had a sweeter, more flavorful peach in my life.  I wait all year for peach season and then stock up on as many as I can eat without making myself sick.  I never knew I liked peaches so much until last summer, when I couldn’t get enough.  In fact, Carolyn is planning a visit up here in a few weeks JUST to get peaches!  OK, well, it’s more to see her friend she hasn’t seen in six months, but peaches are another lure on the line.

In baby registry news, I have tentatively put a few pieces of furniture and other big ticket items on my registry.  I am nowhere near deciding if these things will make it onto the “official” list, but they are the best things I’ve seen so far.  I will not be making any final decisions on anything until we find out the gender in a few weeks.  So…fair warning to all you grandparents out there…don’t get anxious and go on a spending spree quite yet!  😉

Lastly, I got a wonderful and unexpected surprise from my dear husband a few days ago.  We were sitting outside enjoying our (nearly finished) patio when out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to go to Best Buy to get an iPad.  I thought he was joking, but when I looked at his face he was serious!  I asked him why and he just shrugged and said he wanted me to have one.

Now, you must understand, I have been wanting an iPad for about as long as they’ve been around.  My father-in-law got one for Christmas and I very nearly tried to pocket it on the way out to the car!  Then my dad told me he got one and I became giddy with desire.  Maybe, just maybe when we visit this weekend I could bat my eyelashes, turn on that Bethany charm, and *presto!* the iPad would make it’s way into my car for the return trip to Dayton.  (Yeah, right…he told me if I stole his iPad he’d steal something important to me…like my arm.  Since my arm is kind of an important baby holding appendage, I conceded and decided the iPad would be more at home in Cleveland.)

We went to the store, picked out a gorgeous piece of machinery, and went home to play with it.  To be honest, I felt bad for a while that he’d spent so much money on me, but at his insistence, I tried to get over it.  Today, after work, I came home and spent some quality time with it, and we became fast friends.  I’m sure when the iOS 5 comes out later this year, we will be much, much better friends!  I ♥ Apple!  So many cool things can be done with the iPad but one app I quickly downloaded after Carolyn’s jolt to my memory was the Pampers’ Hello Baby app.

We originally saw this on Emily’s blog and I was excited to try it out for my very own!  It’s basically just a growth tracker, but it’s got a little more information than some others out there.  Plus it shows the baby actual size!!  The iPad is still very new so I’m taking suggestions for must have apps.  🙂

So, dear friends, as you can tell everything is going along swimmingly.  I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday and then hopefully they will schedule me for my gender revealing ultrasound!  Jeff and I are beside ourselves with anxiousness over what we are having.  And I am not so patiently waiting for all the pieces of this maternity puzzle to fall into place!  Mothers have to have enormous amounts of patience so I figure the more I try now, the better at it I’ll be!  Until next time, friends!

Side note:  I am still planning on putting a patio blog up about our finished patio, but it will have to wait until after my mom comes for her visit in August.  I tried to take pictures of the patio yesterday and Jeff asked me to wait so my Dad, Step Mom, and Mom could be surprised in real life first.  🙂  Blame him for the hold up!


2 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Bethany, you may want to freeze some peaches. I don’t remember how I used to do it but I’m sure you can find a recipe. They taste so good in the dead of winter, gently warmed and served over vanilla ice cream.
    Love you,
    Peanut’s grandma

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