Week 16

Hello, world!  Today I am 16 weeks pregnant.  Here’s the most current update to how it’s going!  (Please excuse the lack of makeup.  😛 )

How Big is the Baby
According to babycenter.com, Peanut is about as big as an avocado and about 4 1/2 inches long.  His eyes and ears are about in the right place and soon, he’ll be able to hear what we are saying.  I guess I need to start figuring out if I want to introduce him to my “friends”: Barenaked Ladies, Jack Johnson, and Aerosmith now, or stick with the classics like Bach and Chopin.  Maybe a good mix, eh?

How I’m Changing
I am starting to notice a little bump right below my stomach.  It is a little harder than it used to be and is sticking out more than normal.  It actually feels like I’m slightly bloated, but I’m assuming it’s just Peanut making her presence known.  (Have you noticed I alternate between calling Peanut a he and a she?)

I have had some groggy days lately, which just reminds me that I’m pregnant.  I did, however, have more energy when I went for my walk the other day, so I’m trying to convince myself to go.  Exercise is a fickle thing…some days I’m anxious to get out and do a little moving.  Other days, it’s a constant internal battle to get moving!  I find once I start, it’s not bad, especially if you are listening to a good book or motivating music.  Carolyn’s motto that I’ve adopted for my own is “I’ve never regretted doing exercise.”

My belly doesn’t get in the way yet, but it is more noticeable.  I leaned over a counter last night at work and I felt a slight resistance.  Then, this morning, I flipped over on my stomach (still trying to enjoy the last few weeks of “tummy time!”) and it wasn’t uncomfortable, but I could definitely feel a little pudge.  Jeff is so excited for me to get a belly and every day he feels my stomach to see if there’s a change.  It’s really cute.  🙂

How I’m Feeling
I’m still feeling great!  I keep wondering how I got so lucky and I guess I can just thank the great genes I have.  My mom said she didn’t get that nauseated when she was pregnant and never threw up, so that’s something.  I also haven’t experienced many of the symptoms other women seem to (constant urination, constipation, lack of sleep).  I’m sure these will catch up with me as the trimesters progress, but for now I’m enjoying the break I was given.

Anything Else New
This week has included a lot of talk about baby showers, baby registries, and the like.  In fact, while reading Abby’s blog last night, I got the urge to create a baby registry just to add the Beaba Babycook to my list.  I am a huge list maker and have lists for everything from movies I want to see, books I’m interested in, and a never ending chore list that seems to keep growing and growing.  Creating the registry was more about remembering things other mamas tell me than anything else and it was a place to keep all the suggestions localized.  So, with that being said, I encourage all you moms out there who have suggestions for products you couldn’t live without (as well as those you have but never used) to send them on.  You can Facebook me, email me, or comment here.  I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Missed last week?  Here’s Week 15!


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