Small Changes, Big Differences

When you’re pregnant, you hear a lot of talk about having a healthy pregnancy.  You need to eat well, get some exercise, and drink lots of water.  Here’s how I feel about those things:

Eat Well
I am having a relatively easy time with this one.  As I mentioned in my announcement blog, I am craving fruit (and carbs) and really couldn’t care less if I didn’t get red meat.  Aside from the fact that any red meat I have has to be well done (which tastes like flavored rubber), it just doesn’t appeal to me.  I have also found out that I can’t eat as much at once as I used to be able to, so I find myself nibbling all day.  I try to stick to my eating habits I developed a few years ago (carrots & cream cheese, string cheese, almonds, FRUIT, yogurt, etc) but every so often a piece of candy slips in.  I am currently loving Tootsie Pops, but only because I found a bag of Halloween candy at work that needed to be marked 75% off.  😛

I am really missing ham sandwiches though.  I know I can still eat deli meat if I microwave it to the point of smoking, but I just really prefer cold deli meat.  I have begun taking Lean Cuisine pizzas to work for lunches.  I’m not exactly thrilled to be eating all that salt, but if I didn’t take those, I’d end up going across the street to Chic-Fil-A every day.  (Seriously, being two feet from that restaurant is dangerous for me!)  All in all, I’m pretty happy with my diet.

Get Some Exercise
I was 15 weeks yesterday and, aside from a few zumba classes I took at the beginning of my pregnancy, I hadn’t done ANY working out; not even walking.  I figured I’m on my feet and walking all day at work (9 hours a day, 5 days a week), it was enough exercise and I didn’t need to do any more.  When Carolyn told me she thought I should start adding in a little exercise, I made that statement.  She asked me “are you getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes straight during work?”  My reply was “only when a customer upsets me and I can’t calm down!  :P”

I thought about her point and decided she was right.  Today, after watching everything on my DVR by 9a, I thought to myself, “I could watch Twilight again or I could go for a walk”.  Good girl that I am, I pulled on my workout clothes, grabbed my iPhone, and hit the pavement.  I walked 40 minutes (and 2 miles) while listening to Rob Lowe’s Stories I Only Tell My Friends.  (Side note:  Rob Lowe talks too fast.)

On the way home, I walked by one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood.  I love water and I could sit on these stones and listen to the water all day.

My dog-in-law and I love this bench.  At certain points of the day, we can both sit in the shade and feel the breeze blow.  It’s very peaceful.

The walk was good, yet hot, and by the time I walked through my front door, I was parched.  I grabbed a big glass of water and sat down to cool off.  And write this blog post.  I’m hoping to walk three times a week for at least 30 minutes.  I’m not trying to run marathons, I’m just trying to get a little extra movement in.

Drink Lots of Water
Carolyn can tell you that I have a big drinking problem.  Lol…that sounds wrong.  Let me explain.  Most people drink when they get thirsty.  If I did that, I would have maybe a cup of water a day.  I just don’t get thirsty that often and, when I do, I don’t drink much.  When I tell Jeff I’m parched and ask him to get me a glass of water, he knows better and grabs one of the little 8 oz glasses and fills it half way.  If I drink that whole thing, he’s surprised.  He, on the other hand, has to have the big 16 oz glass completely full and typically drinks 2-3 if he’s really thirsty.

I have never been a big drinker.  I remember when my Dad and I were on the little train ride around Disney World when I was younger, I asked him for a drink.  I said, “But Dad, I’m so thirsty!”  He said I had to wait.  When I finally was able to get my hands on a beverage, I think I took three sips and said I was better.  What a waste of $5!!  I’m sure he helped me drink it, but still.

I have to remind myself to drink throughout the day.  I try to keep something nearby just so it’s a visual reminder, but it’s still hard.  I’m trying my best to drink as much water as possible, but sometimes I just really don’t like the taste.  I’m adding in fruit juices, teas, and lemonades as well, just for some diversity.

Recently, one of the girls I worked with at my last store started experiencing contraction like pains.  She was only about 26 weeks, so this was scary.  After she went to the hospital to figure out what was wrong, they told her she was dehydrated.  This was a wake up call.  If anything is going to get me to drink more, it’s the health of my baby.

Hopefully soon, the patio will be finished and I can go outside after my walks, lay on the hammock (I hope to be purchasing soon) and read a book.  Relaxing after exercising feels fantastic.



5 thoughts on “Small Changes, Big Differences

  1. Bethany, when I was preggers with you, I craved DQ Peanut Buster bars. OMG…. some days I had two. I loved hamburgers too UNTIL the last trimester. Just the smell made me nauseated then.
    The patio looks very nice!!!!!!!!!!! Will it bew finished by August?
    Peanut’s Grandma

  2. Wow I’m soo the opposite! I could be peeing and drinking at the same time because I loveee water so much and can’t get enough of it! Sorry if that sounded weird lol. My mom is like you and just takes a few sips… she def drinks out of different sized cups!

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