Drumroll, Please…..

Have you ever had a period in your life when the one thing you need to do is the last thing on Earth you want to do?  That’s how blogging has felt for me the past couple weeks.  (I blame the pregnancy!)  Regardless, I have finally finished the post about our patio!  (BTW, I wrote this post a while ago, which is why I talked about Halloween being this past weekend.)  So without further ado…

Our patio is complete!  Or at least the part we are doing right now. Here’s what we started with:

Here’s the front yard before the new walkway:

And here’s the finish project, front and back:

Jeff handed out candy on Saturday night to the trick or treaters and he said many of the parents commented on how great our walkway was.  One guy even demanded Jeff tell him how much it cost!

Sowder Concrete, the company we went with, has had at least three people contact them about the pattern we picked out.  What a great compliment!

We still have work to do, but we are very happy with the work completed so far.  We are planning to add retaining walls to the front and the back and have a whole new set of landscaping planted in the spring.  The patio looks big now, but after we have our furniture, fire pit, and a couple other things in place, I think it will feel just right.


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