Weekly Menu 10/12-10/16

I’m trying something new.  Starting today, I am going to try to post weekly menus on my blog.  These not only help me be organized in the kitchen, they might give you guys a little inspiration too!  If you’re anything like me, you need all the inspiration you can get.

Tuesday, 10/12:  BLTs
Wednesday, 10/13:  Jenna’s Mom’s Enchiladas
Thursday, 10/14:  Slow Cooker French Dip
Friday, 10/15:  Sloppy Joes
Saturday, 10/16:  Green Noodles

Disclaimer:  I have a retail job which means I am not home every night of the week or every weekend.  This also means I have varying off days (like today).  My weeks may not start on the same day every week, as I plan my meals on my off days.  I am hoping to keep up with this series of posts, but am not guaranteeing anything!

Do you have any weekly menu blogs you visit frequently?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Menu 10/12-10/16

    • I agree. I usually make my meal plan and then end up pushing the menu back a day when we either eat leftovers or go out to eat or something else comes up. I’m asking for a chest freezer for Christmas, so hopefully I can start freezing our leftovers for future weeks. (My freezer right now isn’t very big, so it’s hard to save a lot of leftovers).

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