Patio Project Day 1

Today is a beautiful day!

That is a tough statement for me to make, not because it isn’t gorgeous outside (71° with gorgeous blue skies and autumn colors filling nature’s palette), but because I have been in a rather blah mood today.  Could be due to pregnancy, could be due to today being the last day of my vacation, or could be due to nothing whatsoever.

One great thing came out of today though!  We broke ground on our patio project!  Throughout the next week or so, I will be chronicling our ourney to backyard bliss.

While outside, I could help but snap an extra picture or two of the glorious October day.

Brilliant!  Do I have to go back to work tomorrow?


5 thoughts on “Patio Project Day 1

  1. Mom-I’m sure there will be lots of grilled meals (including pizza!) and soups, I’m sure. We don’t have patio furniture yet, so we may be sitting on the stairs.

    Katie-Yep! I changed the header and the background. Used to be a palm tree header with a light blue background. I was feeling very autumn-y today!

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