Whole Foods & Etiquette Dinner (Louisville)

Since the last two posts have been from my Louisville trip last weekend, I figured I’d finish up the visit today.  (Oddly, I did these posts completely backwards as the first day was the day I took all these pictures and the second day was the day we went to Wild Eggs, Sister Bean, and The Fresh Market!)

I arrived in Louisville on Saturday.  Carolyn and I were both hungry for lunch so we headed over to McAlister‘s.  Carolyn took me here last year when I came to town to see New Moon with her and some coworkers.  I really enjoy McAlister’s.  I don’t think I’ve ever had anything I haven’t liked at this restaurant.

This day, I opted for the Chicken Tortilla soup and the club sandwich.  They were pretty yummy, though the soup was a little too creamy in my opinion.

Carolyn, as part of her 30 Days as a Vegetarian challenge, went with the Greek Salad (no chicken) and the Spud Ole (with veggie chili) I believe.  I’m going by pictures here, so I could have potentially gotten that wrong.

She also ordered an ice tea, which apparently they are famous for.  Or at least Carolyn just really likes them.

After lunch, we parted ways.  She had a class to attend and I wanted to check out Off Broadway and Whole Foods.

I have only been to Whole Foods a handful of times, and many of those times were several years ago when I lived in Lexington, KY.  The closest Whole Foods to me is about 30 minutes away.  Yes, it’s not that far, but it’s not really convenient either.

I spent some time here, walking up and down each aisle.

Strolled through the produce:

Gawked at how many bulk bins they kept filled:

Inhaled the wonderful fragrances wafting from their prepared foods section:

What a great store.  I picked up some Justin’s Chocolate Almond butter and some 365 City Blend Coffee.  (Note:  I took this coffee home and made a small pot one morning.  I drank the whole pot, which is not unusual.  The next morning, I went back to my Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee…and it tasted like sludge.  I couldn’t even drink a whole cup!  I ended up dumping it out and remaking the pot with the WF coffee!)

After doing some light shopping, I headed back to Carolyn’s to relax and get ready for her MBA dinner that night.   Her class is halfway through with their program, so they had an “Etiquette Dinner” to celebrate.

The dinner was held at Churchill Downs in their Kentucky Derby Museum.

In the class she went to while I was shopping, they were taught about various topics relating to etiquette and were given a list of tasks they were to accomplish that night at the dinner.

One thing they had to do was introduce their guest in a professional manner to two other people.  I met several of Carolyn’s classmates and ended up talking most of the night with a handful of them.  Very interesting group of people!

After a couple glasses of wine and some tray passed hors d’oeuvres, we sat down for dinner.  First up was the salad.  It was simple, with bibb lettuce, herbed goat cheese, craisins, and a vinaigrette.  So simple, yet so delicious! I inhaled my salad, which I’m sure was not proper, but I didn’t really care.  It wasn’t my etiquette dinner after all.

(OK, Mom, I’m just kidding.  I was very well-behaved as I was taught while growing up.  No need to be embarrassed!)

With the salad, we were served rolls with butter.

For the main course, I received steak with pan sauce, fried chicken with some sort of yummy sauce/gravy business, green beans, and sticky rice.  It was Oh My Gosh good!

Carolyn requested a vegetarian meal and received a veggie pasta of sorts.  She said it was pretty good if I remember correctly.

Lastly, we were presented with dessert.  I was stuffed at this point, but when I saw the Mini Chocolate Lava Cake and the Chocolate Shell with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, I made some room.

Look at that strawberry goodness!

Afterward, we were allowed to meander through the museum, so we took that opportunity to snap some artistic derby-inspired shots.

Finally, we headed home and we both were in bed within thirty minutes of crossing the threshold.  The next day we went to Wild Eggs, Sister Bean, and Fresh Market.  But you can read about those here and here.


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