Wild Eggs (Louisville)

My best friend, Carolyn, lives in Louisville.  Whenever I come to visit, there are always two things I must do:  visit Off Broadway Shoes and eat at Wild Eggs.

Wild Eggs is a breakfast/brunch/lunch place that I fell in immediate love with the very first time I visited.  It could have been the atmosphere, it could have been the cute little egg salt and pepper shakers, but I believe it was in fact the Bananas Foster waffle.  Oh. My. Yum.  (As I didn’t order it this time, I have no picture for you.  But isn’t this picture of eggs cute?)

Carolyn and I have gotten into a routine where we each get an entree and then split a waffle.  We got the Bananas Foster waffle the first time she took me there. Let me paint ya a little picture here.  Start with a crisp, yet buttery waffle.  Top it with some cinnamon sugar.  Then add a butter rum caramel sauce and some sliced bananas.  (I’ll wait while you wipe your mouth.)  To finish, serve with a giant scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

I think I could stop there and everyone would be happy.  Without a doubt, this is my favorite thing they serve at the restaurant.  But it’s not the only good thing.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal there!

Today, I chose to reprise my last meal I had a few months ago, which was the A.C.E. of a B.L.T.  It’s a yummy sandwich made up of Avocado, Cheddar cheese, fried Egg, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato.  Get it?  So very good.

Carolyn got the Veggie Bennie Florentinie, which was a Mediterranean egg sandwich thing that was supposed to be vegetarian, but oddly included something that looked suspiciously like sausage…  Good thing her “30 days as a vegetarian” experiment was over.

We, like every time in the past, opted to split a waffle.  We went with the Bonnie O’s Espresso waffle:  a crisp waffle topped with caramel coffee sauce, chocolate dipped espresso beans, and whipped cream.  It was good, but it was no Bananas Foster waffle.

To drink, we each had coffee (mine hot, Carolyn’s iced).

Wild Eggs is such a fun place.  I wish we had one in Dayton, but I’ll just have to live with dining there when I visit Carolyn.  If you live in Louisville and haven’t tried it yet, GO!  I promise you won’t regret it.

Just to entice you some more, here is the restaurant’s menu (sorry some are blurry…my hands were shaking with hunger!):

Question:  Where is your favorite breakfast spot and why?

(Side question…I have been taking pictures of the menus from the restaurants I review.  Are they helpful?  Do you like them?  Should I continue?)


4 thoughts on “Wild Eggs (Louisville)

  1. Wild Eggs is my fave for all the reasons you mentioned! I also have a special place in my heart for Bob Evans and their Cinnamon Hotcakes (extra cinnamon!). Best pancakes EVER, in case anyone was wondering 🙂

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