I’m Stuck in a Food Rut

Confession:  I may have gone to Sammy’s El Pueblo.  Again.

OK, here’s the thing.  When I find food I like, and especially when that food is in burger form, I tend to revisit the scene of the crime again and again.  And again.

I have been to Sammy’s three times in the past few weeks and I have been a happy customer each time.  The first time (when I reviewed it), I got the Bourbon Burger.  The second time, I got the Mushroom Burger.  This time, listening to my friend, Angela’s, recommendation, I got the Guacamole Burger.  While it wasn’t my favorite burger I’d had there (that would be the Mushroom burger), it was still quite tasty.

Having arrived famished and unable to wait for my meal, I tucked into the chips and salsa.  Between Jeff and I, we polished off nearly two whole baskets of chips.  Uh, bad healthy food blogger! Excuse me while I go bury my head in the sand.  For shame!

BTW, Jeff got the Quesadilla Chipotle for the second time, so that tells me he’s a fan.  I still haven’t tried a Mexican dish, though I got closer with the Guac on my burger!

Another bad food blogger move:  I did not snap one single picture the entire time.  My thoughts were of nothing but the food.  Eh, oh well.

At least I didn’t hit up Graeter’s after!

Oh, wait!  I lied!  I took pictures of the menu for those of you interested:  (OK, so I took home the to go menu and snapped them here, but you get the picture)


2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck in a Food Rut

  1. WOW….That is a menu. Looks like they offer anything your taste buds are wanting !!! Think I might have to go and check out the Mexican Food…..I am on serious withdrawl of good mexican food !!!

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