Simple Roasted Chicken Breast

Roasted chicken is one of those comfort foods I associate with fall.  The smell reminds me of Thanksgiving and evokes visions of pumpkins, red, orange, and yellow leaves, and napping in front of the Browns game.

Roasted chicken is so versatile.  You can change it up however you like, use whatever herbs you have on hand, and add any vegetables to the dish to round out your meal.  It’s one of those things you can throw together after a busy day at work, add some sides, and badabing you’re done.  In a word, it’s perfect!

Simple Roasted Chicken Breast
1 whole chicken breast
olive oil
salt & pepper to taste (or other herbs*)

Preheat your oven to 400*.  Line a sheet pan with a Silpat or spray with nonstick cooking spray.  Put your chicken, top side down, on the sheet pan.  Spread with a little olive oil and rub to coat.  Sprinkle liberally with your desired seasoning.  Flip your breast and repeat on the opposite side.  If you like, you can slice some root vegetables (onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc), peppers, lemons, or any other produce you desire and create a “bed” for your chicken to sit on, but it is not required.

Bake at 400* for approximately 20 minutes, or until juices run clear.  Pair the chicken with some quick sides for a simple meal!

*One of my favorite seasonings to use on my meat is Dorothy Lane‘s steak rub.  It is a wonderful blend of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and many, many other herbs.  If you leave near Dayton, I suggest you try it!  It’s somewhat pricey, but it lasts forever!

(Yes, in case you were wondering, I was kind of a slacker with the camera during this recipe.  My sweetie was hungry and I was cooking as fast as I could!)


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